365 Days of Manga, Day 18: Alice on Deadlines


Alice on DeadlinesALICE ON DEADLINES (D Senjô no Alice, “Alice on Deadlines”) ?????????? • Shiro Ihara • Square Enix (Monthly Gangan Wing, 2004-2006) • Yen Press (2007-2008) • 4 volumes • Occult Comedy Action • 16+ (language, graphic violence, partial nudity, constant sexual situations)
Lapan, a lecherous shinigami (Grim Reaper) sent to earth to collect souls, accidentally ends up swapping bodies with Alice, a prim and proper girl. Thrilled to find himself in a big-breasted girl’s body, while poor Alice’s soul is trapped in a ridiculous-looking skeleton, Lapan tries to get in as much girl-girl action as possible, when not fighting rogue shinigami and chainsaw-wielding monsters. A manga with severe attention deficit disorder, Alice on Deadlines is half fight scenes and half T&A, but even the fight scenes can’t go for three pages without stopping for a mid-combat groping or molesting. The series delivers in imaginative kink (though on top of the usual sexism, Lapan is predictably homophobic when his former male colleague also jumps into a woman’s body) but the grotesque figures and flat artwork make it more ugly than sexy, and the incoherent plot makes a disappointing stab at sentimentality at the end.
* 1/2 (one and a half stars)
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In other news, my new article on the great manga-influenced artist Felipe Smith has just gone up on comixology.com. Felipe Smith is one of the only American artists ever to have gotten an ongoing series gig in Japan, and his manga (comic? graphic novel?) “Peepo Choo”, a crazed satire about American otaku (and a serial killer) in Japan, has just been announced for a 2010 U.S. release by Vertical. Smith is one of my favorite artists (he also did the great MBQ for Tokyopop), so please check it out! Here’s his personal webpage for those who want to see how long your hair grows when you’ve been drawing manga nonstop for over a year.