365 Days of Manga, Day 33: After I Win


9781569707777.jpgAFTER I WIN (Hoshigarimasen! Katsumade wa, “I Don’t Want To! Until I Win”) (?????????????) • Kaname Itsuki •DMP (2007) • Houbunsha (Hanaoto, 2006) • 1 volume • 18+ (nudity, sex)
Hiyori has it bad for his younger roommate Kasumi, but he can’t work up the balls to let his feeling be known. The one night Kasumi walks in while Hiyori is masturbating and stays to finish him off. Hiyori spends the rest of the book obsessing about whether this means Kasumi likes him or not before they finally go all the way in the final chapter. The bonus chapter is a flashback to Hiyori’s older brother, the school’s home ex teacher, seducing a student, which a young Hiyori walks in on. The art is inoffensively bland, as is most of this unexceptional story. The only spot of color is the oversexed older brother, and he’s just creepy. (Review by Hannah Santiago)
** (two stars)
And once again, it’s Yaoi Sunday on “365 Days of Manga”! Today’s review is by my good friend Hannah Santiago, one of the several writers commissioned to help write entries in “Manga: The Complete Guide” when I started to stress from all the workload. Hannah agreed to do many of the yaoi reviews (along with Shaenon Garrity and Leia Weathington), so I’m proud to present her review here. Thanks, Hannah!
Today’s winner is Jared V. of Texas! Congratulations, Jared! I’ll be sending you some manga right away!