365 Days of Manga, Day 53: Dragon Eye


DRAGON EYE (Ryûgan Dragon Eye, “Dragon Eye”) (??????????) • Kairi Fujiyama • Del Rey (2007-2009) • Kodansha (Shônen Sirius, 2005-2008) • 9 volumes (on hiatus in Japan) • Shônen Fantasy Action • 13+ (violence)
In a world ravaged by the “D-Virus” which turns humans into monstrous Dracules, anti-Dracule warriors train in humanity’s stronghold, Mikuni City. Issa, a spiky-haired boy who has secret power thanks to the “Dragon Eye” implanted in his body, is the seemingly happy-go-lucky chief of a squad of Dracule-fighting teenagers. Dragon Eye shows a clear Naruto influence, particularly at the beginning, with its team of teens learning the ropes of monster-hunting through structured missions and exams, as if they were in summer camp rather than defending humanity. The pseudo-Asian setting and the central character dynamic are also derivative of Naruto. However, the art is decent and the video-gamey monsters are pretty cool-looking, and when Fujiyama just lets us watch the heroes fighting hordes of them (as in volume 3), the series steps out of its predecessor’s footsteps and becomes a passable children’s fantasy. Despite lots of swords slashing around, the series is low on violence, as the Dracules turn to smoke when killed. Since early 2008, the series has been on hiatus in Japan, apparently due to the creator’s illness.
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