365 Days of Manga, Day 60: You Will Fall in Love


YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE (Kimi ga Koi ni Ochiru, “You Will Fall in Love”) ?????????) • Hinako Takanaga • BLU (2008) • Kadokawa Shoten (2006) • 1 volume • Yaoi • 18+
Haru, an archery instructor and former star athlete, hides a secret: he dropped out of the archery world not because of an elbow injury, but out of guilt over his crush on his teammate Reiichiro. Now he finds himself teaching Reiichiro’s younger brother Tsukasa, who has no guilt whatsoever about putting the moves on Haru. Haru’s closeted torment is exquisite: “My heart was clouded by my own wickedness. I can’t sully the path of archery.” But Tsukasa’s unapologetic devotion inspires him to open up and make another attempt at love… which is when Reiichiro shows up. Though there are angst-ridden misunderstandings galore, You Will Fall in Love is ultimately a sweet, honest story about healing old emotional wounds, with passion expressed through both love and archery. Takanaga’s art is, as usual, excellent, with beautiful, seductive men decked out in archery hakama or rumpled neckties. A sequel, You Will Drown in Love, focuses on one character from this volume. (Review by Shaenon Garrity)
It’s another exciting episode of “Yaoi Weekend” with a review by the great Shaenon Garrity. I’ve also just uploaded another page of my weekly webcomic, my comic adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Strange HIgh House in the Mist. Please check it out if you’re at all into fantasy and horror! Alas, there is no yaoi in this installment.
Today’s winner is Gopakumar S. of Virginia! Congratulations, I’ll send you some manga on Monday!