365 Days of Manga, Day 69: Canon


CANON • Chika Shiomi • CMX (2007-2008) • Akita Shoten (Mystery Bonita, 1994-1996) • 4 volumes • Shôjo Horror Drama • 13+ (mild language, violence)
When a vampire massacres students at her school, young Canon is mysteriously spared, and she embarks on a quest for revenge against the “silver-haired vampire.” Accompanied by a talking vampire crow for comic relief (“I gotta say, Canon, as a vampire, you got a screw loose!”), Canon uses her newfound vampiric powers only against other vampires, turning them human and making sure she never drinks blood (“I’m not going to let anyone be killed!”). In short, this isn’t exactly the grimmest vampire story, although Shiomi does a good job of maintaining suspense throughout most of the manga, as Canon finds herself caught between two handsome, brooding guys. The vampire “rules” seem made-up-on-the-spur-of-the-moment, and the plain art looks exactly like Shiomi’s Yurara, albeit with more action scenes. Lots of cross imagery.
Ah, Chika Shiomi, master of PG-rated shojo horror….
Today’s winner is Lori H. of Calfornia. Congratulations, Lori! Time to head out to the post office to send off another volley of manga!