365 Days of Manga, Day 71: Gravitation EX


GRAVITATION EX ?????????EX) • Maki Murakami • Tokyopop (2007-ongoing) • Gentosha (Spica, 2004-ongoing) • 1+ volume (ongoing) • Yaoi Performance Comedy Drama • 16+ (language, violence, mild sexual situations)
This sequel to Gravitation was originally drawn for Gentosha’s online comics magazine Spica; the first print volume made history as the first manga released simultaneously in America and Japan. The drama begins when pop star Shuichi and his lover, temperamental novelist Eiri Yuki, go to America to see the grave of Eiri Yuki’s first love and tormentor Kitazawa…whereupon they discover that Kitazawa had a toddler son, and he’s still alive! The heroes end up forced to take care of the boy, and the addition of a child causes strain in their relationship, tempting them to stray…and on a lighter note, generating lots of “two gay men with a child” media attention. Just like the original series, EX mixes “high tension dangerous love comedy” (to quote the Japanese version) with wild visual gags and free-association, including the familiar panda robots, guns, animal suits and so on. It’s good stuff, but with the high number of in-jokes and references to the original manga, it’s best viewed as Gravitation volumes 13+ than as a separate series. As usual in Gravitation, there is little onscreen sex, having directed all her sexual energies towards producing smutty untranslated dôjinshi based on her own characters.
Today’s winner is Emily B. of Oregon. Congrats, Emily! For those of you who were wondering why Gravitation EX wasn’t included on “yaoi sunday” instead of a weekday, it’s because I consider Gravitation EX a “mainstream” yaoi title rather than a specialty yaoi title like most of the offerings from Deux, June, BLU and 801 Media. Also, honestly, yaoi can show up here whenever it wants, so look out! See you all tomorrow for more manga!