365 Days of Manga, Day 74: World’s End


WORLD’S END • Eiki Eiki • DMP (2007) • Shinshokan (Dear Plus, 1999) • 1 volume • Yaoi Drama • 16+ (language, violence, sex)
The sequel to Dear Myself reaches new depths in Eiki Eiki’s glorification of pathological behavior. Four years after the events of the previous book, Hirofumi is living with his troubled partner Daigo, who keeps sabotaging Hirofumi’s efforts to get a job because he wants him all to himself. Scared by memories of childhood neglect, Daigo locks Hirofumi in his room and repeatedly rapes him, in mostly offscreen encounters which manage to be disgusting without showing any explicit nudity (Eiki Eiki doesn’t have the artistic ability to draw appealing sex anyway). The serious tone and generally high quality of the writing makes the material more troubling than a frivolous “LOL rape” yaoi story such as Love is Like a Hurricane or Selfish Love. The closing author’s notes express the opinion “I think it’s a happy ending…speaking for myself, anyway.” Uh…no.
Yeah, it’s Yaoi Saturday! Time again to celebrate the awesomeness of yaoi manga!…. Er…. well…. anyway.
Today’s winner is Erik H. of Massachusetts. Congratulations, Erik! Prepare to receive manga!