365 Days of Manga, Day 75: Sunflower


SUNFLOWER (Teppen no Himawari, “Top of the Sunflower”) ??????????) • Hyouta Fujiyama • DMP (2007-2008) • Frontier Works (2005-2006) • 1 volume • Yaoi • 18+
Plotless even by yaoi standards, Sunflower idly follows several cute young guys through junior high and high school. At the rough center of the narrative is Ryuhei, a cheerful boy who comes to terms with his sexuality in junior high and then moves on to Kinsei High School, “the boys’ school where it’s rumored that 90% of the students are gay.” There, Ryuhei befriends the uptight Kunihisa. Low on sex scenes, heavy on talking heads, Sunflower is at its best when not taking itself seriously. The most entertaining chapter involves a school quiz bowl in which the losers have to strip for their classmates, a penalty they take with plenty of enthusiastic gyrations. Unfortunately, the raucous comedy scenes are few and far between; instead, much space is spent discussing characters’ relationships and setting up laborious plot devices to bring them into quasi-romantic contact. Fujiyama draws attractive characters and funny reaction shots, but the material needs a less labored, more manic touch. (Review by Shaenon Garrity)
It’s “Yaoi Sunday” (okay, very early Monday morning) with another amazing review by Shaenon Garrity! For technical reasons, I’m not able to announce today’s winner yet, but I will post that information ASAP on Monday! Until then, stew in the suspense of wondering just WHO is the 75th winner of “365 Days of Manga”!