365 Days of Manga, Day 105: Flock of Angels


FLOCK OF ANGELS (Tenshi no Mure, “Flock of Angels”) ??????? • Shoko Hamada • Aurora Publishing (2007-2008) • Asahi Sonorama (Nemurenu Yoru no Kimyo na Hanashi, 2003-2005) • 3 volumes • Science Fiction Drama • 13+ (mild violence, brief sexual situations)
One day, young clothesmaker Shea Libbs begins to grow functional wings on his back. After a period of hiding his condition, he ends up on TV and becomes a minor celebrity, and discovers that there are other people with wings, a result of the spreading “angelosis” virus which landed on earth in a meteor 100 years ago. Although the art is sketchy at best, this YA series–reminiscent of X-Men and Maximum Ride–tells its story well. The central theme is an anti-prejudice message, but refreshingly there is no real “bad guy”; the story spans Shea’s young adulthood and takes him from a government school for young angels, to a group of angel rock stars, to a mysterious society of black-winged angels whose most beautiful daughter wins his heart. While crudely drawn and at times lacking tension, it deserves praise for telling a complete story and avoiding the herky-jerky storytelling all too common in manga.
Today’s winner is Daniel M. of Massachusetts. Congratulations, Daniel! And if you haven’t seen them already on UnboundWorlds, check out my picks for The Top 10 Manga of 2009!