365 Days of Manga, Day 90: Ichigeki Sacchu! Hoihoi-san


ICHIGEKI SACCHU!! HOIHOI-SAN (Ichigeki Sacchû!! Hoihoi-san, “One-Hit Bug Kill! Hoihoi-san”) ?????????????? • Kunihiko Tanaka • Infinity Studios (2007) • MediaWorks (Dengeki Daioh, 2004) • 1 volume • Otaku Video Game Comedy • 13+ (mild violence, brief partial nudity)
Spin-off of a Japanese PlayStation 2 game. In the year 20XX, insects have developed a resistance to chemical pesticides, so “Hoihoi-san”–a mute doll-sized maid-robot who hunts bugs with teeny weapons–is a popular virtual pet. Told in a series of short, dense, mostly one-page strips, Ichigeki Sacchu!! has some continuing characters and even a bit of a love story, but it’s basically a satire of action figure collecting, dollmaking, and corporate tech support (or lack thereof, as when Hoihoi-san malfunctions when used with a rival company’s bug-killing robot). As such, it’s often surprisingly funny. The generic but detailed sci-fi-style art, a bit like Shinsuke Kurihashi might be if he put more effort into it, riffs off the grossness of bugs (particularly cockroaches) and the incongruity of cute, expressionless maid-robots blasting them.
Ichigeki Sacchu! Hoihoi-san isn’t a high concept, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well it was executed.
Today’s manga winner is Cassandra W. of South Carolina! Congratulations, Cassandra! Meanwhile, we have another photo, this time of Carolyn T.!
Carolyn, thanks for sending me your photo, now I’ll do my best to send you five new manga. Good manga. Manga so great, merely brushing the spine of the book causes you to momentarily black out and wake up with printer’s ink smeared on your hands. This happens to me too, really. In any case, hope you like the second set!