365 Days of Manga, Day 109: Love Share


LOVE SHARE (??????) • Aoi Kujyou • DMP (2008) • Ookura Shuppan (2003) • 1 volume • Yaoi • 18+
If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be punched in the eye without picking a fight with someone bigger than you then Love Share is the manga for you! The art is horrible. Every character looks as if they have been assembled from bits of lesser anime bishonen to make a terrifying Frankenstein of bodyparts. The storytelling is a hot mess of jumbled-up panels and the dialogue is stilted and overblown. After a dozen rereads, the reader may somehow manage to find some sort of meaning in the tale of the turbulent relationship between obnoxious Izumi and pushover Kazushi, but it seems unlikely. (Review by Leia Weathington)
Another “yaoi weekend” review courtesy of Leia Weathington. Today’s winner is Liliana M. of Texas. Congratulations, Liliana!