365 Days of Manga, Day 123: Picnic


PICNIC (?????) • Yugi Yamada • DMP (2007) • Houbunsha (Hanaoto, 2004) • 1 volume • Yaoi Romance • 18+ (nudity, sex)
This volume is divided into two longer stories and a few one-shots. In the first, Koreeda and Noda are friends with benefits who just want to get away together, but their friends and the weather keep getting in the way. In the second, Hashimoto and Oikawa are college housemates and lovers, dealing with Hashimoto’s emotional coldness. Most of the one-shots are typical yaoi fare, but two stand out as being particularly foul in theme. In “I’ll Forget Him in 5 Seconds,” school kid Katsumi gets jerked off by the much older manager of the mahjongg bar his dad frequents. In “But Sometimes You’re Kind,” a young runaway follows a male hooker to various assignations before getting up enough money to offer to buy some affection from the prostitute. The art has an indifferent, dated feel to it, and the stories suffer from their short length. Hashimoto and Oikawa’s story is fairly decent, but the rest of this volume teeters between second-rate and obscene. (Review by Hannah Santiago)
Another sweaty “Yaoi Saturday” here on 365 Days, and today’s review is by my friend Hannah Santiago, a true manga expert. And who is today’s winner?
(looks in the prize envelope)
Today’s winner is Tammi W. of Mississippi! Congratulations, Tammi! You receive a free five-layer manga cake decorated with melted sugar flowers in the pink and green tones of shojo manga! Or, at least, you win a couple of graphic novels. Moving on, in my email box today was an email from Erik H., one of the previous winners of 365 Days of Manga!

Thank you for sending me your photo, Erik! I’ll do my best to send you some good manga for your second batch.