365 Days of Manga, Day 131: Aqua Bless


AQUA BLESS ???????) • Yamatogawa • Icarus Publishing (2008) • Akaneshinsha (2007) • 1 volume • Adult Manga • 18+ (explicit sexual content)
It’s a rare for hentai manga to step beyond the bounds of the usual clichés, and even rarer to find one that marries genuinely inventive sexual fantasies with adorable artwork free of the usual gross exaggerations or fetishes. A collection of different short stories, Aqua Bless stands out with female characters that posses some actual personality, able to pull off both sexy and cute–and who are not simply victims to uncontrollable male lust. Their appeal goes beyond whatever cliched archetype that were intended to fill. Combined with the bizarre premises (including “contagious sexual telepathy”), Aqua Bless feels remarkably fresh and fun. (Review by Derek Guder)
Today is the first adult (non-yaoi) review of “365 Days of Manga”! And like almost all the adult reviews in Manga: The Complete Guide itself, it’s written by the amazing Derek Guder. Thanks, Derek!
Today’s winner is PJ of South Carolina. Congrats, PJ!