365 Days of Manga, Day 137: The Sky Over My Spectacles


THE SKY OVER MY SPECTACLES (Meganegoshi no Sora wa, “The Sky over my Spectacles”) (???????) • Mio Tennohji • 801 Media (2007) • Biblos (2005) • 1 volume • Yaoi • 18+ (nudity, graphic sex)
Azuma has a thing for glasses. Doesn’t matter who wears them, they make him hot. Sorachi loves the super-popular Azuma, but can’t get his attention–until he starts wearing specs! The premise of this story, writing, and even art are very shojo, with the addition of some hot love hotel action. Azuma and Sorachi’s growing feelings for each other are convincingly rendered, and they have an equal relationship without the disturbing coercion that can sometimes exist in the genre. The rest of the volume contains one-shots that aren’t as strong as the main story, but are still enjoyable. The best of them is “Let’s Fall in Love,” another high school romance about two friends who finally admit they’re feelings for each other. (Review by Hannah Santiago)
I just moved from San Francisco to Seattle after two solid days of driving, and embarrassingly, I wasn’t able to upload Saturday and Sunday’s manga reviews on the road. In an attempt to make up for it, I’ll be uploading the missing reviews today at intervals of a couple of hours. This review is one of several by Hannah Santiago, my good friend and yaoi review delegate.
Today’s winner is Helen N. of Ohio. Congratulations, Helen!