365 Days of Manga, Day 165: Ordinary Crush


ORDINARY CRUSH (Warito Yokuaru Danshikouteki Renaijijou, “The Love Affair(s) That Happen Relatively Often in Boys’ Schools”) (???????????????) • Hyouta Fujiyama • DMP (2007) • Frontier Works Inc. (2001-2003) • 2 volumes • Yaoi, Romance • 16+ (sexual situations)
Schoolboy romances are a staple of the Boy’s Love genre, and Ordinary Crush revolves mostly around Nanase and Heiji, students at an all-boys’ school where over half of the student body is gay or bisexual. The two boys have long been known as the only straight boys on campus but they ruin this reputation by falling madly in love with each other. At times the story gets a bit tedious but for the most part it’s a fun romp through the characters’ love lives and the art suits it nicely. (Review by Leia Weathington)
Today’s review is by Leia Weathington. Today’s winner is Ross G. of Ohio — congratulations, Ross!