365 Days of Manga, Day 183: Kanna!


KANNA (??) • Takeru Kirishima • Go! Comi (2007-2008) • MediaWorks (Dengeki Daioh, 2001-2005) • 4 volumes • Shônen Occult Fantasy Adventure Comedy • 16+ (mild language, graphic violence, brief nudity, sexual situations)
Kagura, a 20-year-old slacker, wakes up to find a mysterious, quiet little girl in his bed–Kanna, his daughter from a parallel dimension of Shinto mythology. But the minions of the “black god” from the other world want to kill Kanna, and the strange pair must travel across rural Japan (or rather, across obviously traced photos of rural Japan) back to Kagura’s hometown, to find Kanna’s mother and save the worlds. The potentially interesting plot, with intriguing mixtures of Slavic and Japanese mythology, is betrayed by the shoddy anime-style artwork. There is little in the way of creatures or scenery to catch the eye, and Kagura’s appearance is as vague as his personality. Furthermore, the manga drifts into creepy moe territory regarding the hero’s relationship with his 8-year-old daughter; she does the cooking, a creepy paleolinguist make her cosplay in anime costumes, and when Kagura’s not blushing due to Kanna’s proximity, he’s having fantasies of how hot she’ll look in a few years. A letdown.
Congratulations to today’s winner, Jill K. of New York! Man, I wish I was in New York, in close proximity to BookOff…