365 Days of Manga, Day 187: Swing Out Sisters


SWING OUT SISTERS • Taro Shinonome • Icarus Publishing (2007) • Akaneshinsha (Comic Vanilla/Comic Rin, 2005) • 1 volume • Adult • 18+ (nudity, graphic sex)
A kind, buxom older sister and teasing, domineering sister have their way with a wishy-washy younger brother. So much so, in fact, that he keeps getting sick and they need to pump him full of energy drinks to keep him going. All the usually happy-ending wacky incest hijinks are here and it’s almost entirely constant action. The volume ends with a completely separate random story, but still incest: a brother and sister pirate have a sensual run in with a hermaphroditic love god, ending with them together. The art is very sketchy and energetic, avoiding the bland moe trap, but can be hard to follow at times. (Review by Derek Guder)
Another Sunday, another review by my friend Derek Guder! And today’s winner is William A. of Texas!
Here’s a photo of a previous day’s winner, Jared W.. Thanks for sending your photo! Suikoden was a remarkably good manga for a video game tie-in, and the same artist, Aki Shimizu, went on to do some other great fantasy manga, Qwan and Blood Sucker: The Legend of Zipangu. Check out her stuff if you haven’t already!