365 Days of Manga, Day 188: Love Quest


LOVE QUEST (Lovekue) ?????) • Lily Hoshino • Yen Press (2008) • Hobunsha (2006) • 1 volume • Yaoi Fantasy • 18+ (language, nudity, graphic sex)
Two seemingly normal high school guys are summoned to an unnamed fantasy world by Marion, a froofy-haired sorceress who needs them to “exchange bodily fluids” to fuel her magical powers. The funny premise and Hoshino’s normally elegant art is destroyed by the rushed, sketchy execution; there’s very little humor or even inventive kissing in the actual book, and the mood is tainted by the presence of Fumiko, a bitchy girl who follows the two boys to the fantasy world and becomes an evil villain. The title story is PG-rated, but the bonus story, “Pheromone,” is 14 pages of hardcore shota-looking sex. The original Japanese title is a pun on Dorakue, short for the video game “Dragon Quest.”
Today’s winner is Joe B. of Ohio! Congratulations, Joe!
This picture comes courtesy of Lindsey, one of our previous winners. I’m glad you liked Ceres: Celestial Legend — it’s a great manga series, probably Yuu Watase’s best work! (Though I like her art best at the very very beginning of Fushigi Yugi, before she started using assistants so obviously…) I’ll send you some more books ASAP!