365 Days of Manga, Day 190: Love is Like a Hurricane


LOVE IS LIKE A HURRICANE (Koi wa Itsumo Arashi no You ni, “Love is Always Like a Storm”) (??????????) • Tokiya Shimazaki • 801 Media (2007-2008) • Kousai Shobo (2001-2004) • 5 volumes • Yaoi School Drama • 18+ (nudity, graphic sex)
On the train to school one morning Mizuki is molested. But his attacker is the school council president Azuma, who considers the public assault a declaration of love. Interspersed with this main story is the tale of stepbrothers Akira and Izumi whose incest-lite love provides a slightly more consensual contrast to Azuma and Mizuki’s courtship. This is less of a story to read than a series of sex scenes to flip through. The art is good, if you don’t mind that all the blond characters look alike. And there’s plenty of sex, if you don’t need plot or emotion to add context to the scenes. (Review by Hannah Santiago)
Today’s winner is Jason C. of Iowa. Congratulations, Jason! In the wait time till the manga arrives at your house, you can read my comixology article on manga piracy and technology, The iPhone Manga Wars of 2010. Lastly, today’s review is by my friend Hannah Santiago, yaoi reviewer extraordinaire.
This photo comes courtesy of Zach, one of the previous winners of 365 Days of Manga. Glad you liked Kaze no Hana and Black God — I’ll try to send you something new ASAP!