Cage Match 2010, Round 1: Jaime Lannister versus Hermione Granger



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Jaime Lannister
The Kingslayer
Age: 34
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Sword (Valyrian steel)
Special Attack: Insanely hot

Hermione Granger
Honor Student
Age: 17
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Wand (vine and dragon heartstring)
Special Attack: Extreme pedantry

  • The greatest swordsman of his age
  • Golden hair, flashing green eyes, killer smile
  • Has no qualms about murdering and/or crippling children

  • The most brilliant witch in her class
  • 9 Outstandings on her O.W.L.s (and one Exceeds Expectations)
  • Has a library card and isn’t afraid to use it!

  • Missing his sword hand

  • Compassion, empathy

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close close

No, no.

Jaime does not actually own a Valyrian steel sword. The blade he used to kill King Aerys is common castle-forged steel, gilded to match his golden armor. But he can certainly get hold of a Valyrian blade for the fight — Widow’s Wail, the twin to Oathkeeper, both made when his father had Ice melted down and reforged. Widow’s Wail went to Joffrey, but we all know how that turned out. Now it belongs to Tommen, but the kid’s not old enough to use it.

A sword is not enough, though. This duel is life and death. Jaime is not likely to prance into that clearing smiling and clad only in cloth. He’ll armor himself before the match. His gilded plate-and-mail (this is not a fit occasion for the white of the Kingsguard), a crimson cloak, and a shield strapped to his right arm and emblazoned with the lion of Lannister. And of course he will have a helm. Knights who enter battle without one are soon dead. He can smile at Hermione before the match, then lower his visor. The helm, of course, would be fashioned in the shape of a maned lion. (Oddly enough, the Lannister arms look a lot like those of Gryffindor, which might give Hermione a moment’s pause).

He’s not going to waste time and effort swatting at birds with his sword, either. He’s encased in gilded steel. What are they going to do, crap on him? He’ll rush right through the birds, and go straight for Hermione. A sword is not a knight’s only weapon. While she’s watching the blade, he will slam his shield right into her face, knock her off her feet. Let her try and mumble those spells with a mouthful of broken teeth.

And if somehow Granger does get off that spell (cheating, really) and turn him upside down, Jaime is more likely to undo the straps on his shield and fling it at her head then to hang there meekly waiting to die.

But hey, let’s say everything goes the way your “experts” say it will, and Hermione wins. Sad to say, she will not live long to enjoy her victory. Sometime very soon, when she least expects it, a “boy” she does not know will bump up against her in the corridors of Hogwarts… and suddenly she’ll find a dagger sliding through her ribs, right into her heart. “A Lannister always pays his debts,” Tyrion will say, as he slips back into the shadows.

How we think the fight will go

Hermione had prepped even harder for this battle than she had for her O.W.L.s, and in much the same fashion–by hitting the library. She had read d’Artagnan’s Duelling for Dunces, and knew Montoya’s The Soul of a Swordsman by heart. And even though it meant learning a little Valyrian, she had memorized all of the properties of Valyrian steel. The magic that coursed within the Kingslayer’s sword would repel expelliarmus, cut through a shield charm, and rebound a blasting curse upon its caster.

And yet she was unprepared for the moment in which the golden-haired warrior strode into the clearing in the Forbidden Forest. How could she ever have swooned over Gilderoy Lockhart? Jaime’s blond hair shone even in the darkness. And his green eyes, so like the sea after a storm… For a moment, she couldn’t remember quite what she had planned to do.

Her hesitation gave Jaime just enough time to unsheathe his sword. Jaime knew he should not underestimate this little wench, with her bushy brown hair and largish front teeth, so unlike his sweet sister. He would have one shot, no easy task with his still unpracticed left hand, his useless golden right. But one quick slash would even the score.

He would take her right hand, in which she gripped that infernal wand.

Gather, Hermione, gather, she said to herself, and cried “Confundus!” just as Jaime swung his sword. The Kingslayer was not so easily confounded as that McLaggen creep, however; he did not lose his footing, nor his grip on his sword. Jaime moved into his next attack with the preternatural quickness of a Dementor, but Hermione’s avis charm proved faster. A flock of birds circled Jaime’s head and threw off his aim. But with one mercilessly accurate slash he neatly sliced through all of them and their little corpses fell to the ground.

Jaime felt a thrill of pride and power as he brought his sword back for the killing blow. And for a moment, he was sure he had her–

–But then the world suddenly turned upside down.

Hermione had to admit that Jaime was markedly less glamorous dangling upside down, his sword waving around uselessly, the victim of a Levicorpus charm. In fact, she could not quite find it within herself to finish him off. She saw in his eyes such a look of torment and sorrow that she realized how deeply misunderstood he was, how he had suffered…

Later Jaime would not even remember hearing the little witch cry “Obliviate!” But he had just one moment of consciousness–one moment, as the painful memories of his glorious past, of losing his hand, of Cersei’s face, slipped away–in which to whisper “Thank you.”

Predicted Winner: Hermione Granger (Five points to Gryffindor!)

(Jaime Lannister is a character from George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series; Hermione Granger is a character from J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.)

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178 responses to “Cage Match 2010, Round 1: Jaime Lannister versus Hermione Granger”

  1. Wiggy says:

    I admit I was going to vote for Hermione until I read the author’s rebuttal to this summary (not that this summary would have influenced my vote).
    You tell ’em, Mr. Martin.
    You tell ’em.

  2. Dimnara says:

    Ah, she’s just a little girl in puberty. She will start to giggle and lose!

  3. Samuel says:

    Okay, fanboy moment over.
    The thing that distinguishes this, for me, from any other ranged vs. sword competition is this: Granger is NOT A GOOD FIGHTER. We’ve seen this over and over again in the HP series. She gets flustered, she doesn’t do well under pressure. People are constantly getting the drop on her. She’s fine as a back-up for Harry, as the second line with someone else between her and those big bad nasties, but she just does not have the battle instinct the way guys like Harry Dresden, Rand al’Thor, or Kvothe do.
    I see this battle going very much as Mr. Martin says: Hermione rummages in her robes as Jaime charges her, sword ready. She finally gets it out, stumbling backwards, searching for an incantation, panicking. Jaime bashes her in the face, the wand goes wheeling off still sparking, spell half-finished, and then he runs her through.
    And then…well.
    “They all die when you shove a sword through them.” — The Kingslayer

  4. Michael says:

    As wrong as it seems, I have to go with Hermione, despite GRRM’s rebuttal. I just cannot in good conscience bet against someone with magic, no matter how skilled of a swordsman is on the other side.

  5. siimen says:

    I think Kingslayer will take his own.
    He will not like to kill the girl.
    Just like Hermione will not like to kill this very handsome, tired-looking man with only one hand (poor thing!).
    But Jamie is used to overcome his conscience, when needed. Hermione is not. Hermione will not go for the kill, when she is not sure the other deserves to die. Jamie most likely will.

  6. Apollo says:

    No way Jaime’s gonna’ lose.

  7. Brnmaj1k says:

    Lets see.. a one handed, narcasitic blonde douche/knight versus a bright, witch/sorceress who can cast spells without speaking a word..
    yeah Hermione, should win a fight, but the votes always go the same way they do in any high school election/popularity contest.

  8. Tyler says:

    I have to say this fight goes to Jaime. He’s an expert in combat and in his golden armor hes an intimidating sight. Hermione isnt. He will rush her and she may be able to get a spell off but chances are it wont be enough. Jaime may not be as good with his left as he was with his right but all he dosnt have to do any fancy sword work just put his blade through her ribs.

  9. A.M. says:

    I agree in any poll popularity weights a lot, and then again the result is usually in the hands of the writer or the voter in this case. You can come up with ten ways for each of them to win. (Ok not so many with the ones pitted against the big weights)
    I happen to like both characters, but in the end, Jaime has the will to do what it takes to win, Hermione is too soft for that (unless one of her friends’ life was hanging in the balance…, see what I mean?)

  10. Bill says:

    Anyone who votes for the my-little-pony-loving, teen angsty, spoiled brat has never been in a fight in real life. In fact, has probobly never even seen a real fight, besides one on television or in a movie.
    I know this because anyone who HAS seen a real, live, sickening bit of violence would never, ever, EVER pick the teenage girl over the battle-hardened veteren, even if the vet was missing both hands and wheelchair bound and the girl had an AK-47.
    I don’t care what she can do. She cannot win this fight, because she is not:
    a) mean enough
    b) experienced enough
    c) capable of taking large amounts of pain
    d) mentally more stable than a toddler
    e) emotionally as mature as said toddler
    f) mean enough
    g) possesed of a killer instict
    h) experienced enough
    and of course, not mean enough either.
    Trust me, that’s what wins the nitty-gritty fights, not magic wands, and does anyone think this is going to be a neat, clean bout?
    You ought to be ashamed!

  11. spinalcracker says:

    Its true that a maimed Jaime from an already under-powered reality would not stand much of a chance against most of the competition in this event. In fact I would not see him beating any of the mages. Any of the mages except Hermione that is. Lannister’s cruelty would win in the end, and somehow I picture it ending with his good hand wrapped firmly around her throat.

  12. Rudyvoler says:

    Hermione has learnt a lot of forbidden spells…. she will invoke a dragon…… and Jaime will have to dance with it.
    And you know, all Dance With Dragons take at least 5 or 6 years to finish.
    Hermione will be bored of wasting her puberty waiting and waiting, and she will give up.
    Jaime wins.

  13. spinalcracker says:

    Ho ho ho. Yes, we’re all laughing at your incredible wit. What’s the matter, you didn’t get any laughs when you posted it 8 hours ago, well its still not funny.

  14. pKp says:

    Little girl vs. battle-hardened veteran ?
    I mean, even taking into account that said little girl is a wizard and said veteran is crippled…that can’t end well for Miss Granger.
    Of course, Harry would probably get James from behind with an Expelliarmus or something, and then cry at him until he’s bored and goes away.
    This is a fight to the death, people. And Granger doesn’t kill people. Jaime, on the other hand, has kill dozens, maybe hundreds.

  15. Agata says:

    Right before casting a forbidden spell she’ll blush and start to excuse herself ‘i just used accio to summon a few books, it wasn’t a theft, right? RIGHT?!’. Jaime will take advantage of her distraction and finish the battle ;P
    sorry if i made some mistakes, still learning english [i’m from poland ;)]

  16. nico says:

    Jaime wouldn’t unsheathe his sword. He’d throw the next best rock/ heavy object at her head and knock her out.
    Why would he even want to draw his sword, there’s no pride in fighting a young girl(wench) and throwing something is definitely easier and faster.
    The beginning would be as described above.
    Jaime’s blond hair shone even in the darkness. And his green eyes, so like the sea after a storm…
    Preparing to attack she noticed, slightly surprised, the heavy book in Jaime’s left hand. Still wondering, whether such an infamous swordsman might be a scholar also, the tome hit her temple dead on.
    Jaime stood over the collapsed girl and shrugged. He certainly had more pressing matters to attend, than bothering about a strangely dressed girl. At least the “Westros Record of Military Tactics” had served its purpose for once.”

  17. Trobaritz says:

    Yeah, Jaime wouldn’t mess around swatting at birds, but Hermione wouldn’t mess around CASTING them. The attack bird spell is what she pulls out when she’s having BOY PROBLEMS, guys, not when she’s duelling to the death.
    I don’t know if Hermione can come out on top here, but it would be a much closer fight than most of y’all seem to think. This is sixth-or-seventh-year Hermione, she knows plenty of nasty spells and is perfectly willing to throw them. The puberty jokes are just weak.
    (In the end, yeah, Hermione probably loses her cool long enough for Jaime to steamroll her…I was going to say that it would at least come down a little bit to whether Jaime, bastard that he is, would still make the first move against an apparently unarmed teenaged girl…But you know what? Nevermind. We all know perfectly well what the answer to /that/ question is.)

  18. Will says:

    Jaime hands (or hand actually) down. Even without his sword hand down he takes this one. Discipline beats valor every time.

  19. Mike says:

    Jamie will probably outfit his missing hand with a small crossbow hidden by the shield. Poisoned of course. Rush in, if you get to her with the shield she is done, if she throws you shoot her with the hidden crossbow, she will never see it coming. Plate armor is very good against low grade magic. I mean its not exactly a sun blazing inferno.
    Dead of poisoned bolts.

  20. Master X says:

    “While she’s watching the blade, he will slam his shield right into her face, knock her off her feet. Let her try and mumble those spells with a mouthful of broken teeth. ”
    Does anyone else find this to be a really creepy and uncomfortable thing to be reading? Martin taking some delight in the prospect of a young girl having a ‘mouthful of broken teeth’?
    George REALLY needs to get over the fact that J K Rowling’s The Goblet of Fire beat A Storm of Swords to win the Hugo back in the year 2000. It’s been 10 years for goodness sake!
    Seriously, it’s just getting very creepy and almost scary now.

  21. Dan says:

    Jamie is 110 times the fighter Hermoine is. Even missing a hand Jamie would strike her down before she’d have time to cast a single spell because she’d be too worried about initiating the fight (she does have heavy morals after all!).
    Jamie on the other hand would have no problem being the first to strike (he even pushed a small boy off a roof to kill him and never hesitated on that!), and with all his years of training and experience in the battlefield, his first blow would be fatal.
    Sorry Hermoine, you’re cute, but now you’re dead!

  22. karabaja says:

    If I remeber correct, Levicorpus IS a silent spell. And to all those ‘Hermione doesnt have the capacity to kill’ people, Obiviate blanks one’s memory, it doesn’t kill them. Nice touch with the ‘Thank you’ 🙂
    + i dont see the CROWS Jaime killing a girl either
    Doesn’t matter, neither of them have any real chance vs. Cthulhu
    Littlefinger would have won this whole tournament. Somehow.

  23. Samuel says:

    I still say Hermione would just get flustered and fail to react with the appropriate spell, but that’s me.
    I have to agree with this statement, though:
    Littlefinger would have won this whole tournament. Somehow.
    Heh heh. I can see it now.
    ‘Monstrous Cthulhu loomed on the horizon, bearing down with ponderous, ominous strides upon the tiny man.
    “Oh no!” roared Littlefinger, pointing suddenly. “It’s Aslan! He looks PISSED! Down, my god and king! Down!”
    Cthulhu flung himself flat. Unfortunately, he’d forgotten to account for the effects of gravity on his own enormous bulk, and found that, once down, it was impossible for him to get up again.’

  24. derkaderka says:

    the kingslayer should win this entire thing.
    here is my in depth analysis
    1) dude is just a stud…sword hand or not
    2) he threw a boy from a window. a girl in a cloak scares him not in the least
    3) he has sex with his sister (how awesome is that? and can you blame him? cersei is HOT)
    4) yeah (4 points just seems more solid than 3)
    winter is coming, hermoine!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. derkaderka says:

    it’s a cage match, not ballroom dancing, twinkle toes

  26. Trobaritz says:

    Oh he totally would! Possibly by convincing every single opponent that he was on their side and then….I dunno…throwing them all out the window? Excuse me for a moment while I am completely distracted by the mental image of Cthulhu falling off a mountain. A /really big/ mountain.
    I’d pay good money to see Locke Lamora and Littlefinger duel it out in a battle of wits.
    (Oh, and any spell can be a silent spell, it’s just some people are better at it than others. Hermione? No problem. I think Harry is still moving his lips, though.)

  27. Jasmine says:

    Okay, all these comments about Hermione giggling and being unable to fight a hot blonde guy must be from people who have never read or watched Harry Potter. She fought both Malfoy men without hesitation. A shorn, handless Jaime, hot as that is, should be no different. Especially because he is just the kind of privledged rich guy she typically distains. Her crush on Lockhart was when she was 12, people, and she was led to believe he was a great hero at the time. Plus he was her teacher, she was not fighting him.
    Jaime threw Bran out of the window for Cersei. He has no such reasoning behind killing innocent little Hermione. He’s all conflicted and trying to live up to the white cloak now, remember?

  28. AHEM says:

    Jaime would have an advantage if it came to close quarter combat, but in all honesty, he does not stand a chance in the overall fight.
    It doesn’t matter that Jaime is meaner, more experienced, or fiercer. All Hermione has to do is cast a paralyzing spell(something she learned in her first year), and he will be incapable of swinging his sword, throwing his shield, raising his hands, picking up a rock, shouting a taunt, or anything else that might be of use in this fight. All Hermione has to do is point her wand and think and spell, and the Kingslayer goes down like a sack of potatoes. Not to mention that Hermione could whip the weapons out of his hands, lock up his legs, stun him, erect shield charms that would stop any thrown shield, wipe his memories of ever fighting in war or picking up a sword, etc.
    Even if you figure that Hermione isn’t “mean enough” to kill, remember that she usually attacks to stun or disable first. Once Jaime is completely paralyzed and has his memory wiped, he won’t stand a chance, and Hermione can finish him at her leisure, whether she does it immediately or has to struggle with mercy for the next few hours or not.
    No contest. Hermione simply has too many options available to her.

  29. derkderka says:

    the malfoy “men” are boys…make no mistake.
    jaime’s character has definitely evolved, and i suppose one could make the argument that his oath to see sansa safe might demonstrate the passive person he has become.
    however, grrm (or georgie as i like to call him, since we’re bffs) does continue to show in FEAST that jaime longs for blood and the opportunity to fight.
    if anything else he could annoy her to death. or she could fall in love with him like brienne will do in DANCE (yeah, i went there, george)
    victor: jaime

  30. David says:

    The minute Jaime flashes his perfect smile and winks at her with his flashing green eyes, Hermione would be all aswoon just like every other young maiden who sees him. Game over.
    Sure, if she could get a spell off she’d have a great chance, but Jaime would just charm her then hack her in two with his golden sword, then go back to the Red Keep to have sex with his sister.

  31. scorpiknox says:

    Well I thought it was kinda funny. Please don’t start with take “take as long as you want Mr. Martin” rhetoric here, this isn’t the place for it. Why do all of the apologists have zero sense of humor? I am not even that mad about the wait, yet my hair goes up on the back of my neck when the GRRiMlins come out of the woodwork to shout people down for having an opinion.
    Hermione loses because she is from a children’s book. Harry Potter fans should be more embarrassed about reading Harry Potter imo. Does Encyclopedia Brown get a spot in next year’s match? I know he’s not fantasy, but he’s about the same reading level. I’m not a big GRRM defender (quite the opposite), but him losing the Hugo to J.K. was a freaking travesty of justice. 10 years ago or not, I would be seething.

  32. seidan says:

    Jamie walks up and smiles at Hermione.
    Hermione blushes.
    Jamie stabs Hermione in the throat.
    Hermione dies.
    Master X,
    You really should read some of Mr. Martins work, that is his writing style. Don’t get upset, he kills or disfigures just about everybody.

  33. lf says:

    It’s true.
    Besides, unlike missing hands, broken teeth are easily fixed later – if I remember correctly, aren’t her parents even dentists?

  34. sciFiFantasy says:

    All you Hermione fans have got to get a clue, the world of Harry Potter is not nearly as complex, vicious or vindictive as Westeros. Hermione only wins because Harry is around. Without him, she’s just a bookworm. My thoughts follow:
    Varys would be alerted to Jamie’s upcoming duel with Hermione because a “little bird told him so”. Lannisters are rich, and Jamie would pay Varys off for any information he could gather about Hermione ~ which would be everything about the little wench. Varys would also set up Hermione to think that there is a magical link between Cersei and Jamie and she must kill Cersei to beat Jamie.
    Dertermined to win her battle, Hermione creeps up to Cersei’s tower chamber to do as much research as she can. She finds Cersei speaking with Jamie and is suddenly awed by his golden beauty. Hermione unknowingly let’s out a small gasp alerting the kingslayer to her presence. Jamie learned from Varys that a wizard must concentrate to cast a spell, wandless or not. So he rushes Hermione, who stumbles over backwards.
    Gripping the 80 lb girl by the neck with his left hand, he strangles the little wench and Hermione meets her death by defenestration. Jamie calmly says, “The things I do for love”.

  35. RJNibbler says:

    You are kidding, right? GRRM is about 20 times the writer JK is. And he does kill a lot of innocents and good people in his books. Messily. Because he is a good writer and writes for the adult public, not young impressionable minds like JK. I think the Hugo may have been awarded on the back of 10-12 year olds voting that year. Anyway, if GRRM had a score to settle in his comment, Hermione would have met a much more gruesome end. Just think what he did to Robb Stark, and he presumably liked the guy.
    As to the fight – I think Jaime would probably make a cut on his already maimed hand and enter the arena dripping a lot of blood. While Hermione was recovering from the shock of seeing blood and trying to understand what and how happenned to this obviously hurt hunk, he would stab her through the throat. And then he would feel sorry. For a very little while.

  36. Brine says:

    The bottom line is this, do you remember Moody’s remark regarding the killing curse? Soemthing along the lines of “You could all cast it at me at the exact same time, and the most I would have is a bloody nose.” Hermione is not very strong willed at all, and certainly has no killer instinct to speak of. (Which is a necessity for the killing curse, or anything else that might even delay the Kingslayer e.g. cruciatus) Jaime on the other hand (no pun intended) is a very strong willed character, and has a warehouse full of killer instinct.
    Also, we’ve seen evidence that spells in the Rowling universe can be countered by someone of sufficient will, making Hermione’s spells nothing more than a nuisance.
    Sorry guys, I’m a huge fan of Harry as well, but in this match there’s just no competition.
    This is fun!

  37. Brine says:

    The bottom line is this, do you remember Moody’s remark regarding the killing curse? Soemthing along the lines of “You could all cast it at me at the exact same time, and the most I would have is a bloody nose.” Hermione is not very strong willed at all, and certainly has no killer instinct to speak of. (Which is a necessity for the killing curse, or anything else that might even delay the Kingslayer e.g. cruciatus) Jaime on the other hand (no pun intended) is a very strong willed character, and has a warehouse full of killer instinct.
    Also, we’ve seen evidence that spells in the Rowling universe can be countered by someone of sufficient will, making Hermione’s spells nothing more than a nuisance.
    Sorry guys, I’m a huge fan of Harry as well, but in this match there’s just no competition.
    This is fun!

  38. Fancy B says:

    While Hermione has formidable magical abilities with a wand, she’s just a helpless little girl without it. Surely Jaime f’ing Lannister has enough guile and quickness to remove said wand before it can do any harm. After that, it’s just a matter of finding a high enough Hogwarts window to throw her out of. The things I do for ridiculous, hypothetical nerd battles.

  39. Malleus Apostle says:

    Jaime. The mentality of the man is enough.
    “You’ll want your child, I expect. I’ll send him to you when he’s born. With a trebuchet.”
    That says it all.

  40. eiradis says:

    I have a certain affection for both characters (yes, it is possible), but I vote for Jaime. No matter how many spells Hermione knows, she is a young girl who has been in several battles. Jaime was raised to be a warrior. He didn’t have issues with pushing a small boy from window, and he certainly wouldn’t have any qualms about killing a teenager brandishing a stick at him. Yeah, she can send a stunner at him. *newsflash* He can DUCK!

  41. bonico says:

    others have say the same I think
    “Jaime has the will to do what it takes to win”
    Sorry for Hermion

  42. spinalcracker says:

    GRRMlins? See, now that was funny. I might have cracked a smile when I read Rudyvoler’s first post under the bracket comments. But repeating themselves for another cheap laugh is just juvenile and annoying.
    I digress. This section should be reserved for comments about the imaginary fight between Lannister vs. Granger. I apologize and will interrupt it no further.

  43. Evan says:

    Tough call here.
    Hermione is a smart wizard, but as another poster pointed out, she’s not at her best under pressure, while Ser Jaime is a hardened veteran. That gives Jaime a tremendous edge. If he had his sword hand, I’d bet on him, no question.
    Problem is, without his sword, Jaime is slower. Not much slower, but slower… and Hermione only has to get off one spell that hits.
    I think… I think I still vote Jaime. His instincts will tell him to dodge when he sees her wand pointed his way, and when he gets close enough he can simply clip her on the chin with his golden hand. But it could go either way.
    Here’s my question: Does Jaime get his hand back in subsequent rounds? He might be able to take Hermione, but without his sword hand he’s got no chance against the likes of Elric or Conan.

  44. Nunatak says:

    Hermione will drown in a heavy rain of taunts and sarcasm and will run away crying! Jaime doesn’t need his sword hand for winning. Poor innocent little girl!

  45. T-rex92 says:

    A few years ago I would have voted with Hermione,That’s until I discovered “A song of fire and ice”.So:Go,go,go Jamie!!I’m not afraid that Jamie’s gonna lose in front of Hermione,it’s Jamie vs Cthulhu that I’m worried about and it’s seemes this is how things are going to be.Tehnically speaking Cthulhu can kill anyone from this contest,having a real battle only with Aslan,so that’s why I’m anti-Cthulhu,it’s not fair.”Valar morghulis!”

  46. Evan says:

    Ugh, ignore my last question. I just noticed Jaime’s next match is against the winner of the Lyra Belacqua/Cthulhu showdown. It doesn’t really matter if he gets his hand back or not.
    Freakin’ Cthulhu. *grumble*

  47. rudyvoler says:

    Hey, peace in world.
    I recognize I deserve it. I’ve just thought that the other post was in an old comment, so I’ve repeated. Sorry, i also hate this behaviour.
    Go back to combat.
    Jaime is not in its best moments, but he is JAIME LANNISTER. His name still frighten.
    And Hermione….. well I must say that she is not my favorite character in Harry’s world. But anyway i think that she doesn’t have the experience and, overall, the attitude to win any combat. Well, maybe with Teddy bear.
    Just kidding, don’t kill me.
    Unfortunately Jaime will probably loose next combat against…. CTHULHU…… or not?

  48. shell says:

    No way will I let Jaime lose, even with his clumsy left arm, he’s turning into one of the best characters in SOIAF, may the force be with him 😉

  49. Jack says:

    Screw you, I thought that was the funniest bit in the rebuttal. I burst out laughing trying to visualize it. Don’t take it all so seriously, these characters are all fictional anyway.

  50. Juhan says:

    First of all, Jaime Lannister would quickly lop off Hermiones wand-hand to balance the fight – after that, it would simply be a matter of finishing her off…

  51. Jill says:

    I’m voting for Jaime. Jaime has the cunning and the experience. Even though Hermoine had an advantage with magic, she doesn’t have the cut-throat attitude to back it up. She’s too honourable and Jaime will use that to his own advantage. If Jaime had any doubts going into the battle i’m sure he would kidnap Ron, or her parents before the fight and Hermione, being the selfless person she is, would give her life to save those she loves.
    Win goes to Jaime.

  52. aaron says:

    no way Hermione wins; even if she got the upper hand at some point, she could never finish him off. The moment she slips (and she would, shes just a kid) Jaime would do what it takes and end it.

  53. mack says:

    I thought this was a cage match. Not a “Jaime happens to see Hermione standing in a field”. Anyways, if Hermione had time to study the ways of Westeros, then Jaime would have had time to learn how to defend against magic from the Citadel. Normally the wizard > swordsman, but I can’t see Hermione giving the killing curse. Jaime would just need to get in close and she’s done.
    Jaime advances

  54. Lavignac says:

    No, no. You have it wrong.
    Who says only those two individuals meet, there are worlds around them…
    Bottom line is, Hermione will have no wand in hand for the duel:
    Tyrion will have stolen it in bed before. Tough truth of Westeros…

  55. Demokritos says:

    As far as pure capabilities, I have to admit Hermione wins. She has the power to attack Jaime from much farther than his sword can reach, and kill him with a word (well, two)…
    But she wouldn’t. Avada Kedavra is a bit outside her comfort zone. She’d spend her time trying to incapacitate him, and might succeed to some degree as shown in the summary, but incapacitation (including obliviation) doesn’t count as a win in my book. I also have serious doubts that she could summon up the amorality to use even obliviate. Robbing a person of his memories isn’t something she’d do lightly. She’d delay the inevitable for quite awhile, most likely, but in the end the powerful but relatively innocent Hermione would fall to the handicapped but ruthless Kingslayer.

  56. Jaime wins even without his sword hand because he simply doesn’t need it. He will appear in his shiny armor, elegant and handsome, and I am sure that she, being a teenager, will take a few seconds admiring him.
    A few seconds is more than Jaime needs to slain her. Bye-bye, little witch.

  57. Artegal says:

    Okay, let’s just state what should be the blindingly obvious here. This isn’t about any genuine judgement of what would actually happen in matches between characters from different worlds… that’s just stupid. It wouldn’t be difficult to make up a character who is basically God (some of them are Gods, for christ’s sake). Against that, a beautifully-realised, flawed but decidedly human character is… well, going to die.
    So yes, this is basically going to turn into a popularity contest, but it’s also just an opportunity to have a bit of silly fun, which I’m all for 🙂
    I’d much rather try and concoct scenarios where the human character without any ‘magic’ to his name somehow wins (the tournament if possible). That seems far more fun. So!
    Jaime strode out onto the field. His white shield blazed in the sun, and his white cloak swirled about his legs. His simple sword of castle-forged steel remained sheathed at his hip. He raised the stump of his right wrist.
    Hermione hesitated. The man seemed to have no ill intent in him – in fact his handsome face bore a reassuring smile. He had a weary look to him, his face somewhat gaunt. The girl raised her wand warningly, but uncertainly.
    “Would you really harm a cripple?” asked the golden-haired man, with a disingenuous smile, still displaying his stump.
    Hermione’s face showed mistrust. “Only if he tried to harm me,” she replied.
    “More fool you then,” said Jaime, and shrugged.
    “They said you’d be wearing golden armour,” said the girl with a frown.
    “And they said you’d be prettier,” said Jaime to the bushy-haired buck-toothed girl. “Life is full of disappointments.”
    Hermione coloured up to her ears. Her wand steadied on Jaime.
    “I, ah, apologise. That was not chivalrous.” Jaime forced a smile. “I am wearing white because I am a knight of the Kingsguard. The Lord-Commander, in fact. Sworn to protect the King.”
    “They said you killed the King.”
    Jaime’s face twisted. “Seven Hells.” He lifted his hand and his stump in a gesture of helplessness. “Yes, indeed. I shall endeavour not to repeat that mistake. How on earth do you know about that?”
    “I do my homework,” said Hermione, watching Jaime steadily, “I know who you are, and what you are capable of.”
    Jaime took a deep breath. “Ah.” His face took on an ugly expression. “And what am I capable of?”
    “There’s no point in trying to persuade me you don’t deserve this.” Her eyes were hard.
    “Undoubtedly I do. However, I would be careful where you point that wand. You will make my brother nervous.”
    Hermione looked uncertain. “Why would I care about your brother?”
    “Because he can be a bit excitable when I’m threatened. And he’s holding a knife to that ugly red-haired boy’s throat.”
    Hermione stared, behind Jaime, to the small figure crouched over Ron Weasley’s prone form.
    “It wasn’t hard to ambush him,” said Jaime. “We made a false letter in which you claimed you wanted to spend the night with him before the life or death struggle today. He arrived with unseemly haste.”
    “If you’ve hurt him – ” began Hermione in a shrill voice.
    “We haven’t,” interrupted Jaime, and then, deliberately, “… yet.”
    Hermione stared at the golden-haired man with loathing.
    “Oh, I know that look. It’s the world judging me. Enough of this foolishness. Hand over your wand, or your dear friend’s throat will be opened to the sky. I’d really rather not kill you if I don’t have to.”
    Hermione handed over her wand, her teeth clenched. “You’re a monster. Threatening children.”
    “I was put in an arena with a child. What should I do? And besides, you’re nothing. The last child I threatened was a new-born baby.”
    “But this is – ”
    “Cheating? Oh yes. You aren’t the only one who studies their enemy. Once, when I had my hand, I might have been reckless and overconfident. Now – well, I won’t be taken in the Whispering Wood again. Though to be honest, I would have preferred to keep my hand and miss the lesson.” He grimaced. “Well?”
    “Well, what?”
    “Are you going to say ‘I yield’, or must I club you over the head?”
    A pause. “I yield.”
    Jaime smiled as he returned to his tent. “Thank you, brother.”
    Tyrion scratched his half-nose and a grin broke his grotesque face.

  58. scorpiknox says:

    This is fanfic! No FAN FICTON!!!! Heh, just kidding. Nicely done Artegal. Good read and funny too.
    I am sad that Jamie has to go up against Cthulu next, but the dark lord bows to no one.

  59. th says:

    If Rowling had not established a world in which magical combat is largely a matter of ducking and dodging, this might have been a more interesting question. As it is, Hermoine is going to die. And it’s going to be medium-to-extremely horrible.
    Also, Artegal: awesome. But of course he kills Hermoine and Ron anyway, because really, you don’t leave powerful wizards with a grudge just lying around?

  60. Artegal says:

    You’re absolutely right actually – I completely agree that fan-fiction is a form of plagiarism. I agree with what Mr Martin says about it.
    But yeah, this is a kind of silly bit of fun where we speculate on absurd meetings between characters from completely unrelated worlds – so I figured a stupid little thing like that would be okay. Especially if it’s just for getting cheap laughs 🙂

  61. karabaja says:

    nice version artegal but Jaime and Tyrion made one fatal mistake. the letter they sent to ron was via raven. used to owls, ron and hermy anticipated trickery

  62. BMannion says:

    In no world of fantasy would Hermione beat Jaime. Hermione is book smart, Jaime is battle smart.

  63. Artegal says:

    Actually, I more had in mind that Podrick Payne would be sent as a messenger, but that has its own problems, what with Pod’s remarkable locution.
    Likely Ron would rush off to the wrong place, convinced that he had to defend the mermen against the blight.
    Oh well 🙂

  64. Sandor says:

    Jaime all the way. Sorry, Hermione, but this is where it ends. With a golden sword, too. Be grateful for that, at least: You are going down with style.

  65. Sandor says:

    Jaime all the way. Sorry, Hermione, but this is where it ends. With a golden sword, too. Be grateful for that, at least: You are going down with style.

  66. Mongoose says:

    Okay, I love Jaime, and Martin is an indisputable master of the written word, but this contest isn’t about which author is more talented.
    Hermione is not some insipid little girl. She’s a cunning young woman with a plethora of magical abilities that she is very adept at using. Contrary to what many here seem to think, she is not inexperienced. In the seventh book alone she takes part in an aerial skirmish, saves Harry from a possessed snake, helps hijack a dragon, and fights in an epic battle. Point is: she won’t get nervous and buckle under pressure, because she’s been there. While she may not be a warrior at heart, she does not lack the courage and determination necessary to do what needs doing.
    True, Jaime may have more fighting experience, but grit alone isn’t enough to defend against the curses she will send at him. She won’t bother with that bird crap either. She’ll sectumsempra his armor off and then paralyze him. Or stun him. Or transfigure him. Or…you get the idea. One or two-handed, Jaime’s swordsmanship isn’t a match for Hermione’s magic.
    The only way I can imagine Jaime winning this fight is in a situation like Artegal described (well done, by the way), with Hermione surrendering to protect a loved one. Failing that, though, our beloved Goldenhand is done.

  67. insomniacbob says:

    I want to start off by pointing out jaime comes into this contest at a bit of a disadvantage, not only did he lose his sword hand but he’s in a transitional period as a character. I believe as strong a fighter as he was initially given another book or two he will rise to be a far more impressive opponent than he ever was and in all likelyhood would only fall to something along the lines of cthulhu, and even then I don’t think losing his sanity is too much of an issue, it’s merely that I don’t know how he would wound the bastard.
    He may not be at that point but he’s still every bit the killer, with a almost inhuman cunning, speed, and fearlessness. This is a man so bold that that he repeatedly bluffs his very life to hide these most likely temporary setbacks. the carelessness of his youth is gone, but he’s not afraid to gamble.
    this fight would be quick, if his opponent doesn’t have that killer instinct, he won’t give them the opportunity to rethink that. he knows she has weapons at her disposal and if she stands in his way she’s as good as dead.
    I’m glad to see my input isn’t neccesary, to lose to hermione would be a truly unjust fate for one who’s destiny is yet unfilled and hopefully unwritten for a good number of years to come.

  68. Marco says:

    Hold on just one second!
    One of the things that make Martin’s books so terribly enthralling is the dreadful situations in which the characters find themselves. What character has come out on top in his series? Even if a Character gets what they want, it comes at a price, and a steep price at that.
    So now, suddenly Martin thinks Jaime can win in battle at no cost to his character?
    If this fight were to happen in true Martin fashion, Jaime would die. Tyrion would avenge him (a Lannister always pays his debts) only to find out that Hogwarts has some amazing security, and find himself locked away in Azkaban being tortured by Dementors.

  69. justathought says:

    Pretty sure Jaime’s destiny is to let Brienne kill him for honor’s sake. Although I hope I’m wrong!

  70. Specter says:

    Well. He’s still facing a little girl. He Who Must Not Be Named is nasty in his way . . . but mostly because he had power.
    Jaime himself, in sheer terms of cunning, trumps all characters in Harry’s universe. Dumbledoor himself would be little more than an excitable pawn in Tyrion’s hands, and even he is a long step down from Littlefinger.
    Now, Jaime is neither of these. He doesn’t need to be. He’s not facing the strongest witch in the world, but a just-graduated girl from Hogwarts. More likely than not she would just blast the sword from Jaime’s hand as he came, and by then he would be close enough to bash her head in with his golden hand.
    Magic is one thing, but whatever she researched our favorite little witchling would have no idea how far Jaime would go. And that alone gives him an edge. It’s one thing to read about someone in a book, another entirely to see it in action.
    She’s smart, so she’d likely learn fast. But unfortunately this would be the last lesson she ever learned.

  71. Claizen says:

    IMO, Jaime Lannister would just try to seduce Hermione before or during the battle. Will try to get her confused and conflicted. After Jaime lost his hand, he’s been trying to be more manipulative like his brother, Tyrion.

  72. Ryan says:

    Creepy? Uncomfortable? How about funny as hell, and as true an outcome of this fight as has been suggested. Lannister would destroy the girl. And in a just world Martin would have owned Rowling for the Hugo; unfortunately, a Storm of Swords wasn’t PC enough.

  73. Adashi says:

    The little magic babe will fall in love first, and after the first night, her neck will be broken.

  74. Jeff says:

    Well, Hermione would win, of course. The amount of time it would take for the author to actually publish a book detailing Jaime’s actions would be more than ample for young Ms. Granger to complete 6 or 7 (and counting) additional years’ post-grad Hogwarts work; sufficient to end any hopes for a Kingslayer/Brienne interlude. Hermione FTW.

  75. Steel_Wind says:

    If it was actually a fair duel, Hermione would levitate Lannister with a swish and a flick, and that would be the end of the duel. It would appear to be over before it even started.
    But Granger wouldn’t kill Jaime Lannister — and that’s why Jaime would win. Mercy is Granger’s weakness.
    After his “defeat”, Jaime would act confused, take off his helm, put down his sword and shield and profess total bewilderment and swear that he means Hermione no harm and yield to her. A Kingsguard does not harm young women; not even a Kingslayer.
    Later during the inevitable discussion that would follow, Hermione, (who is both trusting and compassionate) might even be persuaded to regrow Jaime’s hand. If so, I believe Jaime really would concede her the match.
    But if things went not-so-well, I expect Hermione would, sooner or later, be knocked out by a cheap shot during the moments following Lannister’s “defeat”, with Lannister catching Hermione entirely by surprise.
    He’s too charming and she’s too trusting.
    Victory: Jaime Lannister.

  76. Steve says:

    Too true!

  77. blackqueend8 says:

    Hermione is NOT impressed by pretty faces. She’s a badass with a wand, and a first-rate knowledge of magic. She PAST books, people.
    Jaime, O Lord of Lannister, you’re awesome, but just not awesome enough. Your brother would have won in a heartbeat.
    And she is NOT too trusting. She doesn’t trust HARRY half the time. “I’m not sneaking out of the castle today…” “BS! STAY WHERE THE TEACHERS TELL YOU TO!”
    This is a cage match. If forced into battle, Jaime would be relentless, and therefor Hermione would be fighting for her life. In this case, all pacifism would subside, and out would come the deciding words: Imperio + Avada Kedavra.
    Tyrion FTW, but settling for Hermione.

  78. Wyatt says:

    Maimed or not Jaime is the man.

  79. tracy says:

    I’m voting for Jamie here…have you seen what he’s done to children? maybe if Hermione was older, she could maybe distract him…but no way…

  80. tergum says:

    Jaime would probably win.
    Cuthulu will squish him to death though.
    I dont even think Cuthulu can be killed. Cuthulu will be crowned champ in the end it my bet. His inclusion seems unfair – although he is a wonderful creation.

  81. Lombard says:

    Artegal that was awesome! I hope you do another for Jaime’s next round (he’s going to win, of course!)

  82. Craig says:

    Artegal’s post was great, but there’s a few things to consider here.
    This is amputee Jaime. He’s not so chummy with Tyrion these days (if I remember correctly, it’s been a few years since I read Feast).
    Amputee Jaime is no longer the deadly swordsman he once was. He’s also much less of the cocky, arrogant, magnificent bastard that he used to be. He’s more conflicted and while this makes him a better character, he’s about as lethal as Hamlet (Act II Hamlet).
    Hermione is 17, so I assume it’s after Deathly Hallows. Hermione has now faced Death Eaters and participated in some fairly intense battles.
    That said, she knew “Petrificus Totallus” in first year …
    As an aside, I think Hermione fixed her teeth around book 5 some time.

  83. Archon says:

    Jaime is awesome… but they should have used Gregor… even given that Jaime beats Hermi, he loses to nearly any other sword wielding goon in the list without his good hand… Gregor would get run through, and then crush their skull…

  84. Brinn says:

    Enough with the Jaime would win because he f’d this or that persons mom or seduced his competitor!
    Jaime doesn’t sleep around! The only woman he ever wanted was Cercei.
    Who, by the way, would be a much more interresting contestant… She could easily sleep and conspire her way into the final. Which she would unfortunately loose, since, let’s face it, she’s not that smart and she doensn’t know what to do with power once she has it.

  85. Boris says:

    Kingslayer !!!! Kingslayer !!!! Kingslayer !!!!
    Régicide !!!! Régicide !!!! Régicide !!!!
    Jaime kicks ass, Hermione sucks.
    PS : i voted for Jaime

  86. Brent says:

    I can’t wait for GRRM to get a few more books out. I seriously doubt Jaime is the baddest character there. I suspect he wouldn’t even make the list in a few books time!
    Come on GRRM, bring on the next book. Can’t wait!

  87. Steel_Wind says:

    >Cuthulu will squish him to death though.
    >I dont even think Cuthulu can be killed.
    I think Stormbringer disagrees with you. 🙂

  88. pKp says:

    Exactly. Harry Potter spells can be dodged. Jaime dodges the Stupefix spell, closes in, kicks sand in Hermione’s face and skewers her while she’s calling Harry for help.
    Anyway, the point is moot – Cthulhu is going to massacre whoever wins this fight. Sad.

  89. Yuko86 says:

    I love A song of Ice and Fire but Jaime isn’t one of my favourite characters: I votedo for Hermione, I love her in Harry Potter, is one of my favourite with Sirius Black. She’s very clever.

  90. T-rex92 says:

    If you want Jaime to win than vote for him and then vote for Lyra so he can also win the next battle or else even this battle is in vain.

  91. Watered-Down says:

    No contest Jaime. Now Dumbledor…
    … well Dumbledors weakness is falling off of towers and we all know what Jaime’s special attack is.

  92. Evan says:

    Don’t get me wrong, Jaime is a great character, but there is NO WAY a swordsman, no matter how brilliant a swordsman, beats a wizard in a duel. The wizard has range, and.. um… MAGIC.

  93. Lucid says:

    Oh, get over yourself. If you are shocked at GRRM depicting a teenage girl with a mouthful of broken teeth, you have clearly not read Martin at all, and therefore have no right to comment on his work.

  94. Jason says:

    popularity contest? Umm, nearly every person alive is aware of the Harry Potter series.

  95. brian kemp says:

    Hermione might get a few shots in, but she doesn’t have the killer instinct, and Jaime pretty much only needs to get one shot in, because he does.

  96. Tim O. says:

    I have to say, mostly boys are voting in this game and they are mostly voting for the characters they feel are most like themselves. It’s seriously as if no one here got out of junior high. And maybe we don’t. Maybe we never do. If you all had spent some time among real women, you would know not to bet against them so much. But, it’s a popularity contest and we all want ourselves to win, whoever we see ourselves as. Or maybe we want Aslan to win because we cling to xtianity. Something like that. Cthulu, as anyone should know, is a product of syphilis in HP Lovecraft’s genes. That’s what he said. A little antibiotic ought to clear that up.

  97. Lazy says:

    Jaime has it hands down. Hermione doesn’t have the killer instinct or the ability to actually kill the kingslayer. Hell they didn’t even kill Voldemort he just dropped dead in the most convenient way so Harry wouldn’t have to kill anyone. Whats she gonna do disarm him he’ll still just beat her to death with his stump.

  98. Nick says:

    Hermione’s a smart girl, she’ll see C’thulu waiting for the winner of this bout and decide that she’d rather bow out now than go up against ‘ol tentacle face…

  99. Angela says:

    Sorry Mr. Martin, but this is Jaime sans sword hand. He’s just not the same anymore, and Hermione has ranged magic attacks. One Petrificus Totalus and Jaime’s out of the fight.
    Still, you gotta love him!

  100. Nic says:

    I have to agree with all the above comments: Grainger simply doesn’t have the killing instinct. She would hesitate, over think, panic, and Jaime would cleave her in two like a Christmas ham.
    And this is all assuming that he doesn’t just seduce her and strangle her while she sleeps (only need one hand for that if you’re a Lannister).
    I think Jaime’s handicapped hand might cripple him in later fights, but for this first one no teenage girl who drinks butterbeer is going to have a chance.

  101. GeminiTheSpy says:

    Personally, I think Tyrion should be listed as one of Jaime’s advantages.
    -ingenous and protective little brother
    Seriously, anyone that would stand a chance against Jaime in a fight would suddenly find himself (or herself in this case) poisoned, in terrible debt, surrounded by mountain savages, or burning in alchemist’s fire. Just to list a few.
    Even Cthulhu’s head (does he have one?) would roll, ’cause Tyrion’s the man.
    Go Kingslayer!!!
    order and cHaos

  102. Evan says:

    “I have to say, mostly boys are voting in this game and they are mostly voting for the characters they feel are most like themselves.”
    Excuse me? Jaime is not a bit like me… he’s pretty much my exact opposite in every respect. Nor am I ambitious to be like him, though I admit to enjoying reading about him–he’s a fun character.
    If it’s all about voting for the character you think is like yourself, how is Cthulhu winning its first bout? Unless we have mind flayers voting in these things…

  103. robot jura says:

    Jaime is going to throw some sarcastic comment on her which will make her cry and forget her spells. After that he’ll tell her to run off, which she’ll gladly do and he’ll win without actually killing her.

  104. Sean says:

    Jamie wouldn’t use Poison, it is repeatedly described in the series as the weapon of women and cowards.

  105. toph says:

    Described that way by fools, which Jaime is proving more and more that he is not. Not that I’m saying he would need poison for this match up; he’ll save all those dark pacts for when he faces Cthulhu.

  106. Cory says:

    Seriously, what? The reasons people are winning is because guys are voting, or people “cling to Christianity?” What exactly qualifies you to make such broad, sweeping generalizations about people you cannot POSSIBLY know?
    And a popularity contest? I guarantee you I could go up to every single person in the town I live, with the exception of my family and two particular friends, and ask “Who would win in a fight, Jaime Lannister or Hermione Granger?” and the response would be, probably at least 95% of the time “Who the hell is Jaime Lannister?” with the remaining 5% being some variation of “Who are you, what do you want?” Easily avoidable lame children’s book magic doesn’t stand up to one of the biggest badasses in one of the most badass worlds fantasy has ever known.

  107. whatver says:

    i think hermione will not kill jaime but will have the chance to do so.she will cast a bunch of spells,he can’t do anything about, as he is laying on the floor and hermione has the chance to kill him she wont.she does not have a crush on him and will not act easy on him just cuz he’s pretty she is tougher than that.

  108. alicelouise58 says:

    This is all academic. The winner of this encounter well it will be their last. Sigh)-:

  109. Rush2201 says:

    A “high school” popularity contest was mentioned, but far more high school students have read HP than Ice & Fire. I’m 21, and when I was in High School I didn’t really see anyone else with some GRRM.
    One comment also seemed (to me) to indicate that people were voting against Hermione because, “mostly boys are voting in this game…” I doubt this has anything to do with gender and more to do with Hermione’s weak character.
    Anyway, my 2 cents on the fight… Jaime wins. Magic would most definitely beat 99% of the swordsmen in Westeros, but only if they had the balls (had to say it) to use it. Hermione clearly does not, unless it’s in an obvious life or death situation. While it is a fight to the death and all, it’s still not Jaime’s style to charge in swinging his sword. He’d get close to her while trying to be as casual as possible and kill her the second he got in range.
    Unless there is a flashing sign over Jaime’s head saying, “KILL HIM OR YOU WILL DIE” I don’t think Hermione would outright kill him.
    I figured she’d win this fight after seeing the illogical Dumbledore vs Magic-Immune Assassin match. Watch Dumbledore or Hermione come up with a way to beat C’thulu.

  110. Thaler says:

    What is with the anti-women sentiments in this post? She’s young, okay. But her being a girl has nothing to do with whether or not she can beat Jaime. The other things that people have mentioned are true though – Jaime would own her, regardless of her gender.

  111. Mykal says:

    Ok, I admit to not reading any GRRM. I’m a heathen, I’m sure. Awful person. Terrible guy what should die in a fire. Whatever – I haven’t gotten to it, and by the comments, it seems I should. I shall rectify this.
    On that note, and having only read about Hermoine, I feel compelled to say I clearly can’t be a fanboy for Jaime yet he’s definitely going to win. I do enjoy the HP series. I like Hermoine as a character. However, I like her because she embodies good, purity, and sense of character. She’s loving and caring, and defends her friends and self to the core. Now read that last statement again. Defends. She’s not a dueler, she’s not well-composed in controversy, and she can’t even keep herself from crying half the time when she’s confronted. Sure she can be hellish and mean when called for, but she’s not a match for a guy that has little compassion for an enemy, has years of combat experience, and is ready to tear her apart.
    She’s far more likely to cast a few spells to attempt to subdue him… and that’s only if she’s able to keep her eyes off his package (the armor, of course), and keep her head on her shoulders (figurative and literal interpretations welcome). Jaime’s my vote. And GRRM is on my to read list…

  112. rick says:

    combat is combat. you live or die by doing. Jamie will do whatever it takes to win. the girl is out of her league. she will fall.

  113. Kevin Swier says:

    I think the biggest injustice in all of this particular match-up is that JAMIE was chosen to represent ASOIAF… while in most other cases it seems the most powerful creature from the particular mythos was selected.
    Daenerys Targaryen and her three flying cohorts, anyone?
    Might’ve even given old Cthulhu a run for his money I’d wager…

  114. nico says:

    Beautiful story : D

  115. Eoin says:

    I totally agree with you on this. Danny could put up one heck of a fight against anyone of these so called heros(execpt for maybe Roland)

  116. Inda says:

    I’ve been staying out of this. Just reading and voting but this is getting ridiculous. For your information, I’m a woman. A real woman, a feminine, strong, beautiful, practical and clever woman in equal with all these other wonderful folks who are, I’m sure, contrary to your statements, both real women and men!
    I have read both of these series and as a ‘real woman’ I’m offended that you are assuming the vote is going to Jaime because ‘mostly boys are voting’. I voted for Jaime.
    I like both characters but I believe Jaime’s experience would bring him out on top. Yes, it might be a close fight, particularly if Hermione could maintain her composure but Jaime, as has been pointed out is just starting to morph as a character and I think he might value his own changing life at the moment quite a bit, that coupled with a reserve lack of conscience (you don’t turn into a ‘good guy’ overnight, especially when your previous ventures include tossing small children out of windows) would win him over Hermione.
    Point is 1: none of this is real, so take all that junior high nonsense and apply it to yourself. 2: This is an open forum for people to discuss their opinions, yes, including yours…so deal. The vote will go the way it will go. 3: Admonishing a group of people for the way they think based on some misguided idea of sexism is just stupid. You think by posting this that you sound like a nice-guy, because you’re making thoughtful statements about ‘real women’. You’re not doing anyone any favors.
    And… I wasn’t going to say this but… religion? Really…please, lets get past that. This is supposed to be fun, keep it that way.
    Apologies to everyone else who already said this and for disrupting the flow of dialogue about the match itself.
    Good luck against C’thulu Jaime! You’re gonna need it!

  117. hannah says:

    that’s why there are muggle repelling and the memory charms.then jaime won’t remeber a thing

  118. dpomerico says:

    Don’t let Hermione’s gender fool you (if that even makes sense): she’s a ridiculously powerful witch. Remember, she’s a better witch/wizard than Harry Potter in the books–she’s pretty much Number 2 after Dumbledore on the Good Guys team.
    As for women/men voting: while we don’t have actual numbers on this, the fact remains that women make up the bulk of fantasy and sci-fi readers. So I’m guessing there are thousands of women voting on this (and every other fight), just as there are thousands of guys.
    The important thing to remember is this: One of these characters is either getting cut in half, or dying a painful, magical death.
    And at the end of the day, can’t we all just rally around that?

  119. Melody says:

    “And at the end of the day, can’t we all just rally around that?”
    Here, here! XD

  120. Minstrel says:

    “Hermione should win a fight, but the votes always go the same way they do in any high school election/popularity contest
    You’re right…it’s all so unrealistic.

  121. Archon says:

    Don’t hold back man… tell us all how you really feel…

  122. FanofBoth says:

    Funny you should say that – maybe take some time and read the article on this site talking about GRRM (and Dance) – you might be surprised to learn that he is not that overdue by looking at the time he spent writing the other books in the series – and add to that I, like I’m sure all ASOIAF fans would far prefer a late great book than a quick and disappointing one that ruins the series.
    Could George die before he is finished – yes – but he could just as easily NOT die too. put simply none of us know our times of death – surely you wouldn’t hold a grudge against a young writer ,of say 32 years of age, halfway through a brilliant fantasy series of dying in a car accident would you? or maybe you would – maybe you would go everywhere posting on about how bad he is and how he shouldn’t have been using cars in the first place. Grow up and learn some respect.
    As for your comment on GRRM sending his version of the fight – is that not exactly what this is all about – a bunch of people having a bit of fun for a few minutes relaxing and giving their opinion’s of how the fights will go. For all we know JK Rowling isn’t even aware this competition is happening and that is why she hasn’t given her view or maybe you are right and she doesn’t have the time or simply as the series is finished does not want to revisit the character. And there are other author’s who have given their views too. If you actually bothered reading GRRM’s opinion of the tournament you would know he believes that Cthulu is going to win – guess who Jaime is up against next.
    Anyway I enjoyed reading all opinions of the people who commented here and I have to say this match would be closer than most would believe and be hard to call but I have to say I think in the end Jaime would win. By the way I really enjoyed your version of events Artegal.

  123. Estelindis says:

    Jaime will win (for the reasons give by George R. R. Martin and many more). He is much quicker and more ruthless than Hermione, in spite of her cleverness and skill. He won’t hesitate for even a moment before acting, and he will use every tool at his disposal. He’s been a warrior – and a killer- for longer than she’s been alive.
    Sorry – Hermione’s my favourite HP character. But I have to face it: she doesn’t stand a chance.

  124. Ben says:

    Master X, get over yourself. One has nothing to do with the other.

  125. Bob says:

    Not really here to comment on the fight (though I voted for Jaime based on my loathing of all things Potter). I just want to say that it is exceedingly cool that an author would take time to defend his character on a website. For no other reason I would vote for Jaime because, so far, this is the only writer I have seen take interest in this affair and support his creation.
    A tip of the hat to Ser George R.R. Martin. well done!

  126. Pixienin says:

    Oh Gem, I thought we discussed this? Outside help is cheating. I do whole heartedly agree with you that the little brother is awesome and the ol’ squid god thingy is totally over powered. Let’s just hope that Both our Boys make it past round two. (why do they have to go up against Gods?)

  127. Joe Shlemiel says:

    Jaime Lannister is the Badassest protagonist ever to walk the realm of fantasy. If he had his other hand lopped off, his eyes put out, and his skin flayed off, I would still back him in the lists against all other challengers. At the same time. And I know the other 10,000 voters feel the same way. Valar Morghulis, bitch.

  128. Emanuele says:

    Now it will be fun, against Chtulu… let’s hope Martin will try to motivate a Jaime win, it will be fun 🙂

  129. votermom says:

    I honestly think Hermione would win.
    She’d see Jaime’s golden hand and think “another Wormtail! why do these Death Eaters keep chopping their hands off anyway?” and see his pretty-boy looks and conclude he’s a Malfoy cousin and that it would be Petrificus Totalis for Jaime.
    But since others obviously disagree, I just want to urge people to vote for Lyra. Then in round two we get to see Jaime groan “Not another little girl!” Tyrion would never let him live it down.

  130. Anthony Wentworth says:

    In a formal duel were both are ready Hermione will beat any swordsman. Jamie has no experience with magic and unlike an evil wizard Hermione will not stop to gloat.
    Jamie’s only chance is to sneak into Hogworts and kill Hermione in her sleep; good luck with that.
    Jamie could try to climb Gryffindor Tower using a grappling hook – oh one hand – guess he can’t.
    Hermione wins hands down.

  131. Dreyven says:

    ^ Haha, yeah I wouldn’t hold your breath I am sure it will be another couple of years before we see the next book, : (

  132. a waiting fan says:

    I’m voting for the stupid Hogwarts girl so Jaime loses and GRRM gets back to writing and not trolling some stupid website.

  133. E says:

    I’m thinking Jaime wins this one with one hand tied behind his back.
    So to speak.

  134. count chocula says:

    Shame Jaime’s gonna die next round, I’d like to see him live improbably until Rand balefires him so far back that his cage match victims are revived and GRRM fanboys are wrapping wet towels around their head.
    In all seriousness, Jaime rocks, but he’s not wizard-killing material.

  135. Finvara says:

    Sending a child, even a magical child, against Jaime is like sending ants to attack an anteater. Goodbye, shorty, you won’t be missed.

  136. Miranda says:

    Laughing Out Loud.
    Nicely said.

  137. Abby says:

    Ah, Mr. Martin, if only it had been Tyrion vs. Hermione all along. Her soft heart would have stayed her hand more than long enough for him to act, but Hermione would never give an armored knight time to charge at her, any more than she’d give a Death Eater time to raise his wand. If anything, the “experts” were being kind.
    Either way, though, Tyrion would collect in the end.

  138. Tomas says:

    Hahahahaha…this is a good one.One word(tehniclly two):kingSLAYER!!!!

  139. Peter Vee says:

    My problem with this match, like many of the others pitting wizards against non-wizards, is the assumptions of the setup. “Two individuals face each other across a field” will ensure the wizard has the advantage every time. A warrior charging a wizard is like an infantryman charging a tank across open ground, it’s just stupid. Now, add some terrain, the possibility for maneuver and stealth, and the match becomes more interesting.
    Having said that, my guess is that Hermione will get the drop on Jamie early. But then, being the moral sort she is, hesitate – which is when he pulls off some quick maneuver and runs her through. Sorry Miss Granger, you’re just too nice for this game.

  140. Nikhil says:

    Thinking ahead here…
    Next round looks to be Jaime vs. Cthulhu. How would the Kingslayer beat the Great Old One of R’lyeh?
    I mean, if we’re just going by power, then the semi-finals are going to be Aslan vs. Cthulthu and Gandalf vs. the Shrike or something. But things get interesting when it’s not just a power vs. power brawl. Trying to think of a way Jaime could possibly get out of the next round alive…

  141. Timothy says:

    Jaime should use his special attack to convince the witch to, “in all fairness” magic his golden hand into a living version. Thus with his sword hand restored we will have the honor of viewing the 1st Rule of dealing with wizards. “Wizards die the same as other men, once you cut their heads off”.

  142. Scott says:

    No matter what spell Hermoine throws at him, if he just lays there and whimpers, her sensitive side will give in. She will start doubting if she did the right thing and she go check on him. Thats when he will roll over and run her through with that smarmy kingslayer grin on his face. Either that or deflect the spell back at her with his golden hand. That whole “im rubber your glue” thing.

  143. mOBSCENE says:

    Without a doubt Hermione. Certainly she doesn’t have what it takes to kill Jaime but she doesn’t need to. She can freeze him (Petrificum Totalum) get rid of his sword (expelliarmus) and then erase his mind, all this before Jaime got the chance to attack. After doing all this there is no need to kill Jaime. So definitely Hermione.

  144. Gust says:

    Tywin only had ONE son, and that son would easily beat Hermione. Sadly, that son is not Jaime.
    Silly popularity voters. It’s a cage match! I love Jaime, I don’t much care for Hermione. But in a cage match, with Jaime being handicapped… she’ll win. Yeah yeah getting flustered bla bla. She’d beat him. Like someone said, in the world of ASoIaF, Jaime would lose. Picking one-handed Jaime was just a terrible choice considering the power level of most characters in this fight. Had it been two-handed Jaime, at least he’d have a chance against a whole lot of them. But who on the list can he seriously beat? Aragorn, Cthulhu, Mary al’Sue etc etc. Why was Jaime chosen with a handicap? The only one he could beat here would be Arthur Dent ’cause handiJaime is probably underpowered enough for Dent’s improbable “luck” not to kick in.

  145. Jen says:

    see, here’s the thing – gender has nothing to do with it. I’m a woman as well, and i’ve read both the entire harry potter series and every book released relating to the Song of Ice and Fire. I know right now that Hermione has only ever commited an act of violence in the defense of her friends and has never killed anyone. She is very much ruled by her mercy and compassion, and while they can be good traits, this is a pure fight to the death. Jaime has thrown children out windows, killed more men than anyone wants to keep count of and seen more battle than a chunk of the contestant here. he probably, as the text states, will wear armor or use valyrian steel or something that will keep some minor spells at bay. In the end though, Hermione has never killed anyone in her life. She has been taught that life is precious and that each one must be treasured.
    But Jaime? I guarantee you miss, that he has had quite the different upbringing. His pure instinct of survival in a life or death battle far surpasses that of granger’s, as is his track record of lack of mercy towards the innocent. he will go in, kill her before she can do anything serious, and be cleaning his blade before lunch time. This isn’t sexism or popularity – this is raw fact.

  146. Jen says:

    one problem with that. this tournament is a bunch of DEATH MATCHES. meaning, it doesn’t end until someone is dead. i’m sure hermione could drag it out with all of these spells, but honestly, when it comes down to it, you need to kill your opponent to win, and it’s already been made clear that she can’t do it.

  147. Luke says:

    Jaime would toss her out of the nearest window.

  148. Jambit says:

    The mysterious third option lies by unnoticed in this battle. The way I see it going is something like this:
    Hermione Granger is immediately lovestruck by the dashing figure of Jamie Lannister. She sees deeply into his conflicted and misunderstood soul, and knows what she must do. Pulling out her wand, Hermione casts a curing spell on Jamie, and he falls to the ground in an excruciating fit of pain. When it’s all over, Jamie sits up and flexs his newly healed right hand.
    Jamie breaks into hysterical laughter, surging to his feet and pulling his sword free. For the first time since that wretch severed his hand he feels whole again.
    Striding towards the mysterious young woman who has just healed him, he practices a few of the old forms with his sword. Hermione has been watching this newly healed Jamie Lannister, slowly breaking free from his spell as she is confronted with his mad laughter and the rapidly decreasing distance between his swiveling sword and herself.
    Taking a deep breathe( my but he was working up quite a lather on his way over, wasn’t he?), Hermione decides suddenly that she can’t ever stand to be out of sight of this man, and despite his intentions, she can do something about to make sure that it will be as she imagines!
    Casting a love spell over Jamie, she runs forward into his arms. They journey far across the land, and eventually end up in Griffyindor tower, overlooking a beautiful sunset.
    That’s when Hermione heard the other woman’s laughter.
    “The things we do for love?” She uttered as she pushed Hermione off the ledge…
    That’s how it’s going to BE.
    Victor: Jamie

  149. Billy Ann says:

    You know… the thing with mages (at least those in HP), is that they have a minimal to none physical endurance. This girl could have learned magic even 20 years, if she had to, but she would still be as weak as a straw. Now, Jamie, he has lived more than her, in a lot harsher world than hers. He’s fast, strong, agile, smart, and he also has a shield. And thus, he can dodge and reflect her spells. He could kill her with no arms, practically, he could just knock her out and then kick her dead. While she can’t. So, I foresee that she’s down and out before she can even see what’s coming; Jamie’s way more experienced in battle than her, he doesn’t loose his cool, neither is he going to be nervous or anything. And boy, is he cunning. Hermione is a little girl, despite everything, there’s no way that she could stand his killing intent without getting nervous. And the myth that “magic wins all” isn’t true at all; There are many ways for a fighter to kill a mage, and you should never, never underestimate a dude with a sharp sword, who knows that he pokes with the pointy end.
    And at the end, if the girl keeps on living, he could always show her Tiryon, it’ll be an instant kill.
    Have fun.

  150. cricket says:

    YES – on the Littlefinger vs. Locke Lamora bit. This should be a battle of wits, at least for one of them. I do think, as awesome as Locke is, that he would lose that one because Littlefinger would somehow convince him that it was in his best interest to throw himself off a cliff. Even disguising himself as Catelyn wouldnt help Locke out. 😀

  151. Denoir says:

    Hermione will fight fairly. Jaime won’t. Win to the Kingslayer, becuase he will have an archer in the crowd waiting to kill the witch if things get too tight.

  152. The_Queen_of_Everything says:

    Nice try Sir Martin, but Tyrion ain’t part of the battle. That would be a more interesting match. As it is- magic against a handicapped swordsman? Anyone who thinks Jaime will kill Hermione before she gets a spell off should re-read HP and Feast. And is Jaime really going to shield against non-verbal spells that can’t see coming with a shield hanging from his handless right arm? The polls are a good representation of which kind of fantasy readers visit this website, not who will win this duel. MAGIC vs. CRIPPLE.

  153. Christa says:

    This match will go down in the books of legend. Under any other circumstances, I would put my money on The Kingslayer’s sword, but I’ve “seen” what Hermione Granger can do with her magic. Therefore, I will put my faith in her mind over Jamie’s body.
    “You said to us once before,” said Hermione quietly, “that there was time to turn back if we wanted to. We’ve had time, haven’t we?” – Hermione Granger, kicking butt and taking names.

  154. OneGirl says:

    Oh, please.
    I know A Song of Ice and Fire is far better written than Harry Potter. But the comments here are being absolutely either ignorant or stupid. Hermione is one of Rowling’s best characters, and one of the most powerful witches her age. She’s not going to “stumble and stutter and swoon” over Jaime Lannister, she had a crush at age thirteen and got over it. This is 17-18 year old Hermione, and she’s well ready to kill Jaime. She can do it. Specially, she has the ability to do it easily. So, if you’re going to say “Jaime wins because Hermione doesn’t kill”, or “Jaime wins using trickery, because Jaime comes from a place of such inmense meanness that Hermione can’t conceive it”, now THOSE are good reasons.
    In terms of power, Hermione owns Jaime. In terms of meanness and trickery, Jaime owns Hermione in so many orders of magnitude that just thinking of it made me run out of zeros. But Hermione is a powerful character on her own, so, much as I love A Song of Ice and Fire, do not belittle Hermione. She’s a good character (at least until fanfiction book 6). Whatever: if it’s about power, again, Hermione would kill Jaime. Problem is, she has to want to. And we aren’t given any reason for it.
    In Hermione’s case, this doesn’t work without a context. Hermione would never fight to the death. Jaime will kill her without hesitation if he needs to. But, what does she know about him? If she knows he’s a traitor and five-year-olds murderer, she will probably stun him on sight and call the dementors or police. She wouldn’t try to kill him, she’d incapacitate him. And that she can do.
    If Jaime uses guile and trickery? “Hello, little girl, I just saw myself in this weird new place, do you know where’s the exit?” If it’s that way, Hermione loses without a doubt, she’ll be dead before she knows. However, why would Jaime know he is in a to-death fight and she not know it? In an equal situation, she has lots of chances.
    Another question, and of the UTMOST importance is… at what distance of each other do they start? If you give me two meters, Hermione’s dead. If you give me five meters, Jaime’s stunned and transformed into a frog.
    Another question… I don’t think Jaime would kill Hermione either. What does he gain by that. He’s actually sort of nice with strangers such as Pia when he gains nothing with their deaths. I see him killing her quickly if he saw a reason to it, but where’s the reason there?
    The only reason I see for Jaime to kill Hermione is to actually put him in a cage and not let him get out until he kills or is killed. In those conditions “we throw you both there and the survivor gets out”, then it’s Jaime all the way. He would say “Let’s not play their rules and try to find a way out together”. That’s logical, she would agree, and she’d be dead, fast and quick.
    If you give her a chance (five metres distance from Jaime) and a reason, she owns him. If not, he will win, but not out of being a better warrior, but out of coming from a mean, cynic cruel world where ethics is the name of an an exotic dish. Hermione can beat Jaime in power. She can’t beat him in cunning.

  155. gallows says:

    Those who keep referring to Rand as Mary al’Sue or Gary Stu, etc. obviously have no idea what a Mary Sue actually is.
    It has become a word that everyone throws around ad naseum at a character they think is overpowered or they do not enjoy reading, which is pretty dumb.

  156. Nerwende says:

    Brain > brawn.

  157. Gust says:

    True, I don’t have any reason to view Rand al’Thor as a self-insert. I mean my bitterness over the series doesn’t require exaggeration and lies.
    It’s honestly quite enough that the second half or so of the series is thousands of pages of an old man’s sexual lesbian fantasies, absolutely poor experiences with women and young people, and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENING WAY MORE THAN SHOULD BE AT ALL POSSIBLE CONSIDERING IT’S GODDAMN GLOBAL CHAOS! Nynaeve tugged her braid.

  158. k3ve says:


  159. Specter says:

    As said before, I enjoy both. But the reason I gave for Jaime winning was flawed.
    Looking over the arguments, I can’t help but agree that yes, at that range, in this situation, Granger would win the fight. However, looking over all the other possibilities out there, not all the fighters are just thrown into an open field to battle it out. It seems more like a mission, a job, and that is why Jaime would win.
    Both have their own strengths, their own weaknesses, but who is best when it comes to manipulating the situation? Who will be able to goad the other into a situation where they would be at a disadvantage?
    That requires intelligence, it requires cunning, and while Granger has the former in spades Jaime has enough of both to take full control of almost any series that isn’t ASOIAF.
    That is why he’ll win. In the end the most vital part of this battle is picking where to fight, on manipulating the other person into doing what you want so that they come to your choice. And when it comes to that I can’t see anyone beating Jaime.

  160. Nikki says:

    Jaime Lannister obviously!
    First of all, while Hermione is very smart, her fighting skills are nothing compared to that of Jaime Lannisters.
    Also, she would be against fighting anything for sport!

  161. Hank says:

    Hermione has a very narrow window to win this battle, a couple of seconds. In that time she needs to overcome her natural aversion to killing another human being, calling to mind whatever spell she wants to use (and whether she’s willing to cast an unforgivable spell), get the spell off and actually make it hit home (from the movies, wizards seem to have roughly the same accuracy as an Imperial Stormtrooper).
    Meanwhile, all Jaime has to do is charge a teenage girl and slice her head off. I’m thinking before Hermione thinks her way out of the moral dilemma of casting an unforgiveable, Lannister’s already lopped her head off and is on his way for drinks with Luna Lovegood.

  162. Seer says:

    Hermione win? Not likely. Jaime will seduce her, and all thoughts of combat or a certain clumsy redhead boy will flee from her concious mind. Game Over.

  163. etain says:

    Meh, spells in the Hogwarts universe are dodgeable, and blockable (with the exception of avada, which I don’t see Hermione using). If Jaime’s fighting with a sword+shield combo he could probably deal with it. Also, Hermione has a huge soft spot for blond hotties, which Jaime is, even if he’s missing a hand.
    If it comes down to magic vs. physical fight, I have a feeling that Jaime’s experience would trump Hermione’s magical powers. Jaime would be trying to fight close quarters, in which Hermione would be at a huge disadvantage. A simple disarm would completely put her out of commission.
    Yep, I am a huge nerd.

  164. lowed says:

    what could a tiny wand do against the killer smile? hmmm.. good luck Hermione!

  165. ARTHUR DAYNE says:

    This will be known as the fight that almost happend.
    Apaprantly as the fight is about to start a bunch of Freys will come up behind hermione and stab her in the back 553 times. Her head wil get sown to a griffon and sent back to hogwarts will a singer will be there waiting playing “the rains of castamere”
    jaime moves on to the second round…without lifting his sword in typical martin fashion

  166. GeminiTheSpy says:

    Okay, seriously, the Jaime seducing Hermione arguments need to stop. That’s just so not Jaime’s style. He’s ruthless, I know it, and he might question her about how she feels about attacking a cripple or some other maniupulation tactic, but my gosh, when in the series has Jaime ever tried seducing anyone other than Cersei? And not in a mocking way like with Catelyn.
    That aside, I still say Jaime has this one. He can dodge all those paralysis spells everyone keeps talking about, and once he gets close (assuming they didn’t start out close), then it’s over.
    order and cHaos

  167. Alien says:

    -I think that Feast of Crows Jaime won´t attack a young girl, and Hermione won´t begin a fight against a chivalric knight.
    Both will speak and analyze the situation, and after think about it they will know that their only chance in the next combat it´s to be together as a team against Cthulu.

  168. Antares says:

    Hermione doesn`t stand a chance, really. Jaime`s aura of pure awesome will be too much for her to handle and she`ll just explode.
    It`s Jaime friggin` Lannister. His magnificence is just too overwhelming for someone who is not from Westeross.

  169. Specter says:

    “You’ll want your child, I expect. I’ll send him to you when he’s born. With a trebuchet.”
    I think he will, even if he wonders whether he should have later. But that’s just me.

  170. Fides_fortuna says:

    I appreciate that were all huge nerds here and debating on that actual feasibility of spell versus sword and god versus wizard so on and so forth… Remember at the end of the day this is FANTASY which means anything is possible. Vote the way you want the fight to go… otherwise the entire bracket is a sham because as well know it’s going to be shrike vs cthulu or shrike versus Aslan… Where is the fun in that??? I say Jaime Lannister the “Godslayer”… down with Cthulu!!!
    I’m already thinking about the next match hahahaha

  171. CryHavoc says:

    Just curious, since I read through many posts and didn’t see it listed.
    It is typically accepted in the fantasy industry that exceedingly powerful knights and warriors develop a resistance to magic and cantrips over time. Being that Jaime is one of, if not the, most skilled and experienced swordsman in his cannon, I think that he would be able to block out all of Hermione’s lesser enchantments, and some to most of her more powerful ones.
    Keep in mind that in fantasy, knights and warriors outside the realm of spells are still powerful, prevalent, and capable of killing their magical counterparts. If a fight between a caster and a melee character were always as simple as, “The caster makes the warrior die”, there would never be any question about such a fight.
    I would think that Jaime would be a match for nearly any human foe in this entire bracket. Unfortunately he’s going to face a gigantic monster in his next battle. Even with his good arm grown back, I don’t like his odds. But then again, he’s a realistic character, which is what makes him so much more entertaining and thought-provoking to read about in a novel.

  172. chonifer says:

    hey, hey
    don´t you know the things that Jaime would do for love? We all have already seen it!!!
    COME ON! Hope Hermione have a wolf or another animal that cries for her (and her fall) at the end of the chapter. Jaime doesn´t need a sword, what the hell: He just needs a balcony, and just one hand.

  173. Mike says:

    This is all meaningless drivel as far as I’m concerned. 2nd Round Vs Cthulhu. Nuff Said.

  174. imp's rock says:

    This is all about fan base fervor. GRRM’s got it and we’ll vote Jaime through no matter what.

  175. Jaime ftw says:

    Jaime can’t be beaten by a little winch, he could beat her with that left hand tied behind his back.

  176. dpomerico says:

    And that’s the end of that chapter!
    Thanks for all the comments and votes.
    Make sure to check out Jaime’s next match, going on now, versus Cthulhu:

  177. […] we realize Hermione’s supposed to be dead as a doornail. But as with many a fantasy character, she’s been miraculously revived by the […]

  178. […] of gritty realism, Martin’s written up a little ditty on how he thinks the match would really go [TRIGGER WARNING]: He’s not going to […]

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