365 Days of Manga, Day 201: Puri Puri (A Very Special Episode of 365 Days of Manga)


otaku_usa_10.jpgI’ve been alluding lately to some changes to “365 Days of Manga,” and the time has come to reveal ’em. It’s been a busy half-year for me, including a move to Seattle, a ton of plane flights, and most recently, an appearance at Sakuracon. (And I’ve got convention appearances coming up for the summer at Project A-kon, Toronto Comic Arts Festival, and San Diego Comic-Con!)
In the process, I’ve printed almost all of the manga reviews originally written for the update to “Manga: The Complete Guide.” I’m now moving on into unexplored territory, and from this day forth, I’ll be printing a mixture of reviews from various sources. Some of the reviews will be new; others will be reviews which originally appeared in the magazine I write for, Otaku USA. With the kind permission of the Otaku USA folks, these reviews will appear on UnboundWorlds a few months after they appear in the magazine. So, the next 164 days will feature a mixture of Otaku USA reprints and entirely new reviews, with the new reviews starting to appear towards the end of April. The contest will continue, and manga deliveries will go on. The format of the reviews may change slightly as I adopt a more blog-ish style, but the core of 365 Days of Manga (i.e. I write stuff, and I give away stuff, and people send me links to their blogs) will stay the same. I’m looking forward to getting feedback from everybody and writing new reviews over the next six months!
And now….. manga!

PURI PURI • Chiaki Taro • DrMaster • 16+(frequent partial nudity, frequent sexual situations)
I have a weakness for two kinds of manga, and Puri Puri (“The Premature Priest”) is both of them: (1) dumb, cheesecakey love comedies and (2) manga based on Japanese misunderstandings about Western religion. Masato Kamioda, the first boy admitted to a Japanese Catholic girls’ school, wants to go to divinity school so he can be a priest like his father. But in the very first chapter, he ends up with his face pressed against girls’ butts, thinking “Mush-mush, squish-squish I feel like I am in heaven!…Hwah! How could I lose myself in sinful pleasures at a time like this?” Yes, Puri Puri may not have the perverted creativity of Ken Akamatsu (Love Hina), or the good art of Masakazu Katsura (I”s), but it breaks new ground in sexually repressed protagonists, a hero who cries “Oh god! God! God! Please forgive me for such an immoral act!” when he sees a girl’s panties. Aside from that, Masato is your typical nose-bleeding nobody, a hero for whom “So, do you want me to be your mother?” is a girl’s come-on line. Ayano Mochizuki, the main mother-substitute love interest, is out of the picture for most of volume 2, allowing Masato to rub haunches with other, spunkier stereotypes such as a female knight templar, a glasses-girl exorcist, and a tough-talking rocker girl who leads the school choir. The templars and exorcists eventually take over, sparring blows with equally scantily clad demon-girls. The glossy art is too stiff to be attractive, and the breasts are nippleless, but the mood is generally funny rather than “ahh, how sweet,” and there are a few flashes of originality. Still, if it were a person, it wouldn’t be a rocket scientist. (Frankly, it probably couldn’t even tie its own laces.) (Originally published in Otaku USA)
Today’s winner is Flor P. of California. Congratulations, Flor! We also have a new photo from our previous winner, Ian, who will receive even more manga for his trouble!thatdude.jpg
A brief word of warning: I am leaving the country for a few days and will have intermittent internet access, so I won’t be able to announce the next 9 days of “365 Days of Manga” winners on UnboundWorlds. However, I’ll still be posting reviews, so please come on by! I’ll post all the missed winners in a big smorgasbord when I get back.