The FUNN-e-PAGES: MS Paint Adventures



So a while ago, Mike and I thought it might be good if we started hearing about what webcomics you all were reading, and we got some great suggestions (FYI: we’re always looking for more; click the previous link to go to the Forum). One in particular piqued my interest, MS Paint Adventures. Suggested by user Tillie, Mike confirmed that it was indeed something worth checking out. Combined with those recommendations and the fact that one of my friends here tends to send us her own MS Paint adventures, I decided to check it out.

The art, as you might expect, isn’t very good–

MS Paint 1.gif

–it’s done on MS Paint, remember?*

But it’s part of the charm. Bad (but, really, not so bad) art, plus the writing make it a highly amusing (if sometimes confusing) webcomic.

So let’s talk about the writing first. MS Paint Adventures is set up almost like a text-based computer game, but you never get to type in your actions, and you’re limited to one choice. I find that hilarious.

Furthermore, when you do make your “choice,” your choice is almost invariable wrong. Take the following two panels.

In the first you’re asked if you want to open the safe, but you don’t know the combo:

MS Paint 2.gif

After a few attempts (that all fail), you finally try again, only to find that the safe isn’t really a safe:

MS Paint 3.gif

It’s childish, and yet brilliant. Unlike another great stick-figure webcomic, xkcd, there’s no deep or “smart” message. It’s just purely fun–a little clever, a lot wacky, and very weird.

Which gets to my one problem: at times, I like that we’re being manipulated, but it can also be tiresome, too. It’s one thing to be jerked around a few times–I think that is funny–but, like any good story, there eventually needs to be something happening.

At least, that’s my definition of a “good story.”

Overall, though, I think it’s worth checking out. I did as the creator, Andrew, suggested and started with “Problem Sleuth”, and I think it’s as good as any to see if you’re going to like it. I think you will, but if you don’t, let me know.

*As one commenter pointed out (and as I read in the FAQ after I posted this), MS Paint Adventures is actually done in PhotoShop. I think this makes me like the comic even more.

Don’t forget–we’re always looking for new and exciting (or, really, just new) webcomics to explore and talk about for the FUNN-e-PAGES, so make sure to drop us a line in the Forum.