365 Days of Manga, Day 247: Bogle


BOGLE • Go! Comi • Shino Taira (story), Yuko Ichiju (art) • 13+
When Asuka Hamuro transfers to Asumori High School, she discovers that three of her new classmates–friendly, light-haired Masato, dark-haired kendo master Ryoma, and glasses-wearing principal’s son Reijiro–are actually Bogle, “the chivalrous burglars rocking the world.” This team of super-handsome teenage thieves only steal stolen items to give them back to their original owners, and since Asuka soon ends up as Bogle’s fourth member. Dumb even by the standards of “phantom thief” manga, the crime stories in Bogle usually end with Asuka giving a passionate speech to the perps (“Why do you hate people so much? I think everything begins through forgiveness!”) while the guys stand by and admire her (“Hamuro…you’re so kind and strong…that’s why everybody is drawn to you. You’re so mysterious…you can befriend anybody…”) The characters do look hot in dark suits, and most of the school scenes are devoted to establishing how hot the three guys are, and how the other girls at school are jealous of Asuka, etc. The art resembles Chika Shiomi (Canon, Yurara).
* 1/2 (one and a half stars)
Who is today’s winner of “365 Days of Manga”? As I sit here at Caffe Ladro in Upper Queen Anne, Seattle, my eyes turn to my email inbox and see… the winner is Krista S. of Georgia! Krista, I hope your eyebrows are not singed by the fiery brilliance of the manga even now streaking towards you like an extinction-level comet, bearing its inky payload of graphic novel incandescence!
Today’s “second time winner” is Kate M.. Glad you liked your manga, and thanks for posting your photo! I’ll send you some new stuff at the end of the week! Also, if you like trashy ’70s horror and girls’ comics, check out my article on the shojo manga Bride of Deimos at Anime News Network’s “House of 1000 Manga”!