New in the Unbound Worlds Free Library: Master Class


We’re excited to introduce Master Class, a series of special interest to writers-in-training. From time to time Unbound Worlds will invite established and bestselling SF/fantasy authors to chat online about topics of interest to writers, and then we’ll post the transcripts of each discussion, plus related material, here on the Unbound Worlds Library.

Our first Master Class is a discussion on how to research. Our guests are Elizabeth Moon, author of the Nebula Award-winning The Speed of Dark as well as numerous science fiction series and, most recently, a return to her epic fantasy roots with Oath of Fealty. Joining her is Jack Campbell, author of the New York Times bestselling Lost Fleet series and many other novels.

Should one research first and then start writing, or vice versa? How does one approach an expert in a field and ask for help? How can real-life experiences serve as research? The authors answer these and many other questions. In addition, each has contributed a list of favorite research websites.

Download the Free Master Class: Elizabeth Moon & Jack Campbell On Research