365 Days of Manga, Day 282: The Magic Touch


MagicTouch1_500.jpgTHE MAGIC TOUCH • VIZ • Izumi Tsubaki • 13+
Chiaki Togu, a first-year student at the ” Massage Research Society” (a sort of campus club) longs to work out the tense shoulders of Yosuke, “the guy with the stiffest body at school.” Chiaki is a shy girl who is only enthusiastic about Shiatsu pressure-point massage techniques, but when she asks Yosuke if she can massage him, he answers “only if you make me fall in love with you,” immediately blowing all realism out of this manga with the force of 100 hydrogen bombs. Too dumb to even be a guilty pleasure, The Magic Touch is almost impressive for the sheer inanity of its plot twists, involving identical twins, inscrutable jealous hotties, possessive brothers and other clichés. Apart from the absurdity of it all, the art is awful; the men look like deformed clones from a Boy’s Love manga, with chest so broad that their heads look like a dummy’s head on top of a wardrobe. A few snippets of massage trivia barely hold the tenuous massage theme in place. The author’s inability to draw, or to tell a story from chapter to chapter with any follow-through, would make it a good candidate for a manga version of the Golden Raspberry Awards.
1/2 (half a star)
Today’s winner is Eric N. of Utah! Congratulations, Eric! And since you sent in your photo so quick, I’m going to upload it right now!
Thanks for showing us yourself and your manga! I’m sorry you didn’t like Dragon Ball, but I hope you like Zatch Bell. (I edited the English editions of both of ’em, although I only worked on the later volumes of Zatch.) In related news, I was just interviewed on the new site ani.me about my book Manga: The Complete Guide and what it was like to work on Viz manga. Please check it out!