Unbound Worlds On Air: Tim Kring on his new novel, Shift




You might know Tim Kring best by the show he created: Heroes. But the former NBC superhero drama wasn’t Tim’s only creative endeavor. His new book, Shift, lies somewhere between The Manchurian Candidate and Stephen King’s The Dead Zone.

In this episode of Unbound Worlds On Air, Tim talks about Shift, the history behind the book, and his memories and research of the Kennedy assassination and the counter-culture movement.

Be sure to check out Tim’s Comic-Con panel as well! He’ll be interviewed by Zachary Quinto, one of the stars from Heroes and the man who played Mr. Spock in Star Trek (2009). The panel, titled SHIFTing Gears, will take place on Friday the 23rd, from 1:30-2:30 PM in room 5AB .

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