The Hottest Hunks of Horror and Sci Fi…According to Anaface


Have you tried Anaface? It’s an online app that can supposedly measure your facial beauty based on supposedly ideal proportions. I tried it and got a 7.5 out of 10. I have no idea if that’s accurate, really. I have little to no sense of how others perceive me – I mean, I do alright, but enough to say that I’m in the top 25% percentile of facial attractiveness? I think not.

I was already skeptical about Anaface, but then I decided to run a set of villains and bad guys through the app. The results were surprising. Apparently Count Dracula is pretty hot, but not quite as hot as Frankenstein’s Monster, and almost on the same level as Star Wars’ Emperor Palpatine. All three of them scored about as being about as or a little more handsome me, so maybe I need to score some neck bolts or a little undead pallor as part of my radical makeover.

Anyway, I collected the images and posted them on YouTube for you. The analyses are a bit hard to read, so I’ve reproduced the scores here. Hope you enjoy.

1. Gollum: 6.73/10
2. Greedo: 0/10
3. Emperor Palpatine: 7.39/10
4. The Wolfman: 7.02/10
5. Bub: 3.64/10
6. Frankenstein’s Monster: 7.82/10
7. The Cryptkeeper: 4.92/10
8. Count Dracula: 7.67/10.