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Neil Gaiman The Price

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am a huge Neil Gaiman fan.

So when I see his name so directly attached to a project I get giddy, no matter what his role is to be. This time it is as a narrator on a project titled The Price, which also happens to be one of his short stories. Christopher Salmon, fan and film director, is trying to bring The Price to the silver screen in a way not seen before.

Of course, that takes money. And the reason for this post.

Christopher is doing this the right way, in my opinion. He is allowing Neil’s fans to own a little piece of the movie in exchange for helping to fit the production costs of the project. By doing so he is indirectly—or perhaps directly, I don’t know—keeping Hollywood suits away from the project. This will ensure a level of control over the project that should benefit Neil Gaiman as well as his fans who like to see adaptations done correctly.

Making a movie is not cheap though, no matter the format, and Christopher needs $150,000 pledged to him by December 1st to move forward with The Price. In short, if you pledge a certain amount of money to The Price, you will receive a gift for it from Neil and Christopher.

Pledge Breakdowns:

$10 or more: Online credit to see The Price.

$25 or more: Digital download of the finished film.

$50 or more: DVD with Neil Gaiman interview.

$65 or more: DVD and limited edition poster featuring artwork from the movie.

$85 or more: Blu-ray combo pack.

$100 or more: Blu-Ray combo with a limited edition print.

$500 or more: Neil Gaiman & Christopher Salmon-signed Blu-Ray of The Price.

$1000 or more: Get your name onscreen as an “associate producer.”

$5000 or more: VIP treatment alongside Neil Gaiman and Christopher Salmon at the special theatrical screening of The Price!

Here is Christopher making his case to the fans:

Again, I like what Christopher is doing. It’s smart in letting fans buy a little bit of the movie. To read more about all of this, visit The Price page on Kickstarter!

Good luck, Neil and Christopher! I hope The Price is made!