Magazine Mania at Unbound Worlds: Black Gate


bg-14-cover3While the web offers a lot of wonderful stuff for sci-fi, fantasy and horror fans, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of print magazines on your local bookstore shelves that deserve your attention. Some of them have been steadily supplying news and features to fandom for decades, while others are new publications bravely stepping into the breach. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring a few of these magazines for your consideration. Today’s magazine is Black Gate.

Launched in 2000, Black Gate specializes in tales of swords, sorcery and high adventure. Here’s what editor John O’Neill said when I asked him why Unbound Worlds readers should check out Black Gate:

“You should read Black Gate magazine because you love adventure fantasy. More than that, you know there are terrific new authors on the shelves today, telling the kind of tales that will keep you up at late at night — if only you could find them.

Why not let us do it for you? Every issue of Black Gate features nearly 300 pages of original fantasy from the best new writers in the field. Folks like James Enge, Harry Connolly, Devon Monk, Jonathan L. Howard, Martha Wells, Maria Snyder, Vaughn Heppner, Howard Andrew Jones, David B. Coe, and many others. We also have reviews, commentary, and retrospectives on classic fantasy.

Black Gate is a celebration of the finest in adventure fantasy. Why not drop by our website, read a few excerpts from our latest issue, and try us out?”