Cage Match 2015 Round 3: Felurian vs Sabriel


The Contestants



Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles
Age: ?
Race: Fae
Weapons / Artifacts: None
Drives men mad with desire

Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom series
Age: 18
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Sword (made for Abhorsen to slay those already dead), Seven Charter Bells
Saraneth, a Bell for the Binding of Wills

The Breakdown


  • Immortal
  • Beautiful
  • Seductive
  • Beautiful
  • Shadow Weaver
  • Did I mention she’s beautiful?

  • Skilled in Charter Magic
  • Cool under pressure
  • Mogget, a Free Magic Creature of immeasurable strength

  • Immature & childlike
  • Irrational

  • Primarily fights the Dead


  • Meg Murry: You wouldn’t hit a girl with glasses, would you?
  • Melisandre: The Cage Match is dark, and full of terrors.

How we think the fight will go

it is a simple tale, and short. if you wish to hear it, I will tell it

killing Sabriel was the simplest thing in the world, she’d strung herself only just beyond death, so the smallest push was all it took

yes. of course there is more to the tale, but that is the meat and marrow of it

why so interested in her, my love? am I not sufficient? do I not fill your heart? does it not crack and bleed and race and burn to ash for me?

very well. you shall have the tale’s heart as well

she stood next to the water, already wet. though i’d not seen her wade

her black hair drew me first. like mine, though less. like the bite taken from the moon. her pale skin the crescent remaining. but she was grubby too, stinking of steel and dead leather and the dead dead

her smile drew me second, all loss and sacrifice and duty. a smile for endings, though I prefer the other

and for supper, her eyes drew me last. the colour escapes me but they spoke of fulfilment the way her smile never would

I know she thought me strange, I intended it so. but she came without chasing. without hunger, though she starved. you might say we were light and dark, life and death. you might, though you’d be misunderstanding if you did

her voice did not sing, nor grate. it simply spoke. she asked where she was, who I was. as though she were empty of our names

so under the moon, I sought to name her mine. we would be lithe upon lithe, soft curve upon ever softer curve. but instead she spoke again and her words fell between us like broken glass. tasting of cuts and severing and division

she turned about, three times, and spoke without words. and though her Art is not mine, I saw she tried to summon an entrance, of all things. this from a place most wish never to leave

I could see her desire, strong and desperate and nearly the equal of mine; it was to find her cat. a nonsense desire and nothing against the warm welcome I offered

none quit my realm but for my sport, so I offered a bargain. the truest there is: she could leave if she died. a simple leaving, unlike most receive, if she’d the meat and marrow to take it. else she’d stay, ring her soft bells for me and i’d teach her to dance and smile for beginnings

of course she took it, I would not have offered it otherwise

with a whisper that barely was and a peal from the largest of her bells, she died and was gone. frost remained, it crackled under my toes then it too was gone

i’d be sad to have the poorer of our bargain, but I have you, my lover, to console me so sweetly

you think to comfort me with those words? those, of all there are? you think me vain and fragile, a sad thing to shatter at every loss and any spurning?

the sweetness of loss is wasted on you. to me it makes pleasure all the more bitter, to better mark its having

should I have risen up instead, shackling her to me with chains of wanting? only to hollow her out as my will drove hers to Death, leaving a cracked and soundless bell?

I know tales older than our moon, from places it never shined. of bells and binding, the gates beyond death and those who walk its cold river. I know her kind, and I know her end. it lies twined to a larger death. to a larger bargain, deeper in her meat and marrow

so I will draw my comfort from you, again and again, and I will take my little death, again and again. for it is so, so bitter

Predicted Winner: Felurian

NOTE: THIS MATCH ENDS ON Thursday, March 19, 2015, AT 11:59 PM, EST

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