An Interview With Lisa Yee on Teenage Heroes and ‘Wonder Woman at Super Hero High’


Female super heroes are finally having their moment. Super Girl’s show is a hit. Wonder Woman has her own movie coming out in 2017 and now, in Wonder Woman at Super Hero High (on sale 3/1/16), readers can get a glimpse of what these characters were like in their high school days. The book is the first in DC Super Hero Girls: a new series for middle-grade readers by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Yee.

With the DC Super Hero Girls books aimed a providing young readers with powerful female role models, I thought that it would be a good idea for a guest interviewer to chat with author Lisa Yee. I looked no further than Livvie, who, at nine years-old, is already writing short chapter books and comic books. Livvie loved Yee’s book and was more than happy to conduct the following short interview, which I hope you enjoy.

Livvie: At what age did you start writing?

Lisa Yee: I have been writing as long as I can remember. But I told myself I wanted to an author at age 9 or 10, your age. However, you are much further ahead than I was!

Livvie: What inspired you to be a writer in the first place?

Lisa Yee: I loved books soooooo much, and still do. When I was little my mom read to me every night, and then when I learned how to read, I read to her at night. My love for books was so great, I’d sleep with them. Books like Beezus and Ramona inspired me to want to be a writer.

Livvie: Why did you decide to write about Wonder Woman?

Lisa Yee: When I heard that I was selected to write the DC Super Hero Girls series, I was so excited I screamed. (Did you hear me?) Having Wonder Woman featured in the first book — there will be many more, just made a lot of sense. Everyone knows who she is, but no one knows what she was like in high school. That made it exciting for me to be able to tell her story.

Livvie: Why did you write about her as a teenager?

Lisa Yee: When I was a teen I wrote angst-ridden diary journals, and short stories about people I knew — don’t tell them! But mostly I read. Everything I could find. I’d even read cereal boxes at breakfast.

Livvie: What’s going to happen in her story next?

Lisa Yee: Wonder Woman at Super Hero High finds “Wondy” as her friends call her, feeling homesick for Paradise Island and her mother. She is away for the first time, and though she wants to succeed as a super hero and fit in at Super Hero High, she finds herself messing up a lot. She begins to question if she has what it takes to be a super hero. And through hilarity, heartbreaks and headaches — she finds out!

The next book will be Supergirl at Super Hero High and I’m writing that one right now!!!

Thank you to Livvie for this wonderful interview.