Interview with Brian Luna, Co-Star, Batman Fan Film ‘The Demon in the Dark’


The Demon In The Dark from Forewarned Films on Vimeo.

Brian Luna is one of the stars of the impressive new Batman fan film The Demon in the Dark. Although I don’t want to tell you who he plays (Watch the film and you’ll know why.), Luna and his co-stars play a crew of very special people hired to transport a mysterious package through the streets of Gotham City. Trouble ensues when a mysterious “demon” begins stalking them in the shadows.

Luna and I recently spoke about the production, which you can learn more about here.

UNBOUND WORLDS: Brian, who did you do this with?

BRIAN LUNA: I did this with my best friends, Matt? Clouston (writer and lead actor),? Letia? Clouston (our director)?,? and ??Christian Clouston (producer)?. Together we are Forewarned Films. That sounded like we ?are transformers and we ?merge to ?form a bigger robot.? But, this really all came together because of the passion and drive of our writer and lead actor, Matt Clouston. He didn’t just get the ball rolling, but always kept it in play even when we were faced with great obstacles.? And he’s also responsible for every single visual effect you see in the film.

UW: How did the project start?

BL: This all started with our love for comics. We are all ?HUGE comic book fans.? I don’t mean we are big, giant people. I mean we have all been reading comics since we can remember. We were inspired a couple of years ago by Batman’s 75th anniversary coming up. We wanted our next project to be a fun, big-style, slobberknocker? and we wanted it to include Batman.

UW: What’s it like working on a fan project versus a full licensed one? Are there any particular issues that one presents versus the other?

?BL: It was interesting because while we were obviously held back without a Hollywood budget (our budget was approx. $2000) ?, we were, at the same time, free to use and do anything we wanted. Green Lantern throwing hands with Black Adam? Sure. Giganta smashing Gotham? You bet your ass. We had enough respect for the characters and the house that created them to tell the story we wanted to tell and also add a ton of easter eggs for fans to find (a little over 60 of ’em).

UW: What’s next? Is there another film in the works?

BL: What’s next for us? We want to continue to make good stories, perhaps on a larger scale with even bigger toys. We love what Marvel is doing as well and would love to get in their sandbox. We all continue to create together, whether by acting with one another or writing and producing together. We have a few scripts (all horror and hero inspired) and a webs series: Broken Toy that we want to get out there, so whatever is next for us we’ll try to make it as fun as we can and share our love for storytelling with anyone who’ll watch it.