King Tut’s Dagger Has an Extraterrestrial Origin


574ef82cc36188976e8b4581Some conspiracy theorists are fond of pointing to things like the pyramids as proof that the Egyptians were in communication with an extraterrestrial civilization. While that’s very, very, very unlikely, a recent scientific discovery has revealed a surprising connection between Egyptian royalty and outer space. According to the Guardian, Italian and Egyptian scientists have concluded that a dagger found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen was forged from iron extracted from a meteorite.

Analysis of the dagger via spectrometer revealed high levels of nickel and cobalt: two elements suggesting that the dagger had an otherworldly origin. The scientists seem to have traced the iron to a particular meteorite located at the seaport of Mersa Matruh. Ironworking was rare in ancient Egypt, so the meteor’s iron content must have been a rare and valuable find.