Cage Match 2017: Round 2 Recap


Round 2 is behind us and we’ve whittled down our field of 32 competitors to the eight most deadly! Before the third round opens on Monday morning, let’s review what’s happened so far. (Missed Round 1? Check out the recap here.)

  • Tom Bombadil vs The Luggage: The sentient suitcase won Liana Brooks’ write-up against the Oldest and Fatherless on the strength of its dozens of legs, but voters disagreed, sending Tom onto Round 3 with 55% of the vote.
  • Mr. Wednesday vs Daenerys Targaryen: Author Gabe Hudson gave us a high-concept absurd romp between the Mother of Dragons (well, mostly Drogon) and the Norse god (well, mostly his bodyguards), and voters sent Mr. Wednesday on with 52% of the vote.
  • Randall Flagg vs Devi: Tricky Randall tried his best, but voters pulled this one out for Devi late in the game, giving her and her Alar 53.5% of the vote.
  • Menolly vs Harry Dresden: The magical PI took pity on Menolly and her fire-lizards this time, and was rewarded with a whopping 80% of the total vote.
  • Ragnar Volarus vs Owen Kennedy: Round 2’s most popular match! This was a tense one, and the balance of the votes tipped back and forth a few times before the Howlers swooped in and saved Ragnar from sudden doom (and a walrus to the face). Sorry, Owen – maybe next year.
  • Kell Maresh vs John Perry: Elizabeth Bonesteel’s fourth-wall-breaking write-up was brutal and bloody, but the Antari took home a late-in-the-game win, moving on to the next round with just under 53% of the vote.
  • Kitty Katt vs Georgia Mason: Seanan McGuire came back once again to write her own character, and once again Georgia talked her way out of a crisis, moving ahead with 55% of the vote.
  • Suri vs Miriam Black: Suri got lucky here – Miriam showed up a bit the worse for wear in this match by Michael J. Sullivan. Suri moves ahead with 54% of the vote.

So what’s next for our bruised and bloodied combatants? A look ahead to Round 3:

  • Tom Bombadil vs Mr. Wednesday: Two ageless, immortal tricksters face off – this one’s a tough call. Will Mr. Wednesday recruit Tom for the battle against the New Gods? Or will he have another unfortunate run-in with a tree?
  • Devi vs Harry Dresden: The match to watch. This is gonna be a bloodbath, folks – two massively powerful magic-wielders with sharp wits.
  • Ragnar Volarus vs Kell Maresh: Futuristic tech and brute strength vs elemental magic and travel between worlds? Your call.
  • Georgia Mason vs Suri: Georgia’s infected, and Suri’s wolf is well over the forty pound limit. This could be tricky.

Join us Monday morning for Round 3!