I Dare You To Find a Geekier Metal Band Than ‘Powerglove’


Pic: Powerglove/courtesy of Knife Fight Media.

Believe it or not, there’s a not insignificant amount of crossover between heavy metal music and all things geek. The Sword openly references A Song of Ice and Fire and other fantasy faves in their music (Check out my interview with J. D. Cronise here.), and Metallica’s entire catalogue includes plenty of shout-outs to Cthulhu and his ilk. Go back even further and you’ve got proto-metal rockers Blue Oyster Cult churning out tunes about Godzilla and Elric of Melnibon√©.

But none of that is as geeky as Powerglove: a band named for the somewhat infamous (and largely useless) Nintendo game system controller from the eighties. Powerglove released its first EP, “Total Pwnage”, a collection of covers of video game music, in 2005. Since that time, they’ve followed it up with several more albums worth of power metal takes on not just music from video games, but also Saturday morning cartoons, and television shows.

While covering tunes from tv shows hasn’t hurt the band’s relationship with their fans, 2014’s “Video Game Metal” saw Powerglove returning to the video game music that is the bedrock of their act. Their newest album, “Continue?”, will focus on game music, as well. According to their publicist, they’re planning on releasing “Continue?” one track at a time over the next 13 months, beginning on March 31 with “Kraid’s Lair”. After all of the tracks are released, the band will offer a collected set.

Clearly, Powerglove isn’t just a novelty act, or if they are, it’s a long-running one. There aren’t too many people who are willing to keep a joke band going for almost a decade, and these guys actually get out and go on tour. Maybe Powerglove doesn’t play everyone’s kind of music, but you’ve got to respect them for sticking to their (light) guns for this long.

You’ve got a few days to wait for “Kraid’s Lair”, but I’ve got an older track if you want to check out Powerglove’s sound for yourself. By the way, if the band gets you nostalgic for the classic days of gaming, then I suggest you check out Playing with Power: Nintendo NES Classics, a nostalgic look back at Nintendo’s early years by Garitt Rocha and Nick Von Esmarch.