Learn About All the Editions For Star Wars: Thrawn


To celebrate the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn and Tim Zahn to Star Wars books, we’ve created three distinct editions of the upcoming novel Star Wars: Thrawn. Read below to find out what makes each edition unique, price/availability, and decide which is right for you!

It is important to note that the story in each of these editions is the same. We are not locking any story content behind an exclusive edition. All three have the same thrilling tale that chronicles Thrawn’s rise through the Empire to the position of Grand Admiral before his appearance during season 3 of Star Wars Rebels.

Star Wars: Thrawn

Thrawn Cover

This is the “regular” edition of Thrawn that you will find at most bookstores and retailers. It is currently available for pre-order and will be on-sale April 11th. It will also be available in ebook and audio formats.

Availability: Online and in bookstores everywhere
Price: $28.99 (hardcover)


Star Wars: Thrawn (B&N Exclusive Edition)

Thrawn B&N Edition Cover

This Barnes and Noble exclusive edition features a black cover and a pull out, double-sided poster. One side of the poster features Thrawn in full uniform while a Star Destroyer looms overhead and the other, an updated stylized version of our Del Rey novel timeline. The Barnes and Noble edition of Thrawn will be on-sale on April 11th and can be pre-ordered.

Availability: Barnes and Noble bookstores and website, only
Price: $28.99 (hardcover)


Star Wars: Thrawn (Limited Celebration Edition)

Thrawn Limited Edition Cover

This special limited edition is only available at Star Wars Celebration 2017. The book features a text-less cover with an image of Thrawn, with the figure of Thrawn and the Star Destroyer on the back. Along with the exclusive cover jacket, the book will also feature printed end papers featuring the chimera symbol that adorns the bottom of Thrawn’s Star Destroyer.

***Purchasers of the Celebration Limited Edition will also receive an extra special gift. More details on this gift as we get closer to the show. ***

This edition is limited, and will only be available to purchase in-person at our Star Wars Celebration booth while supplies last. This item is not available for pre-order. Again, this edition is limited and will not be reprinted once all the copies are sold.

Availability: Star Wars Celebration 2017 (Orlando, FL) at Del Rey Booth 2522
Price: $35 (hardcover + special gift)

Have questions about this edition? Reach out to us @DelReyStarWars on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and we’ll answer any questions we can.