Lukeing4Luke: A Star Wars Celebration Saga


Photo courtesy of Swapna Krishna

This weekend, my friend Preeti Chhibber and I went to the geek holy land—Star Wars Celebration—and met one of our heroes, Mark Hamill. Preeti joined me to give you an oral history of our #Lukeing4Luke quest, and how we finally found him.

Preeti: The full Force Awakens trailer dropped in October 2015. It was the biggest Star Wars bombshell in recent history. Swapna and I were ready.

Swapna: We went down a bit of a rabbit hole when it came to theories and trying to figure out where our favorite character, Luke Skywalker, was in the movie.

Preeti: WHERE WAS LUKE. WE WERE LUKEING4LUKE. We realized we had a mutual love and adoration for Mark Hamill’s iconic character. I think we both felt like Luke sometimes didn’t get his due (even though he’s our precious lil bebe Jedi puppy).

Swapna: This quickly devolved into a hashtag and cemented our friendship forever.

Episode IV: A New Con

Swapna: On May 4, 2016, (May the fourth be with you!) I had a bright idea.


Preeti: And I was fully on board.

Swapna: We had almost a year to get excited about it. Mark Hamill was finally announced as a guest about two weeks before the con, and we were pretty much first in line to buy photo ops.

Preeti: I was in a meeting when Mark’s photo ops were announced and got several texts from Swapna in a row. My reaction was typed under a table. Because we are both responsible adults.

(Censored for sensitive eyes)


Episode V: The Staff Strikes Back

Swapna: We finally got to Celebration after SO MUCH PLANNING AND ANTICIPATION.

Preeti: A YEAR’S WORTH. We waited. A. Year.

Swapna: It seems as though the con organizers… underestimated the fervor and love and enthusiasm of Star Wars fans because when we arrived for our Mark photo, things were confusing.

Preeti: Let’s set the scene: 400 people. Troopers. Leias. Hans. All crowding together in a small space and a mass of confusion. But no Luke. Where was Luke?

Swapna: We decided to start asking the crowd. #Lukeing4Luke

Had Luke seen Luke?


Preeti: Maybe Rey or Finn knew where he was? (Behind them?)


Swapna: Did Han, Leia, or young Luke know where to find Luke?

5.-han-leia-young-lukes opt

Preeti: Kylo Ren? R2? His dad???? Could no one find Luke????


Swapna: We’d been #Lukeing4Luke in Alderaan places! [Editor’s Note: I am extremely mad at Swapna for this pun]

Episode VI: Return of the Sweater

Preeti: Before we get right into it, a moment of explanation. Mark Hamill has owned the same sweater for 40 years. We didn’t know it at the time, but today was the Return of the Sweater.


Swapna: We’d come through a year of anticipation and defeated our con organizer stormtrooper foes and WE WERE READY.


Episode VII: #Lukeing4Luke


Preeti: He

Swapna: Recognized

Preeti: The



Swapna: We are reporting to you now from beyond the grave.

Preeti: We came, we Luked, we became one with the Force.

Swapna: We’re not #Lukeing4Luke anymore, we found him.


Preeti: To hear an actual audio clip of us meeting Mark Hamill, check out the Celebration episode of our podcast Desi Geek Girls, out Wednesday, April 19!