Star Wares: The Best of Star Wars Celebration Merch


Official Star Wars Celebration Orlando Poster Header 2017 by Paul Shipper © Disney/Lucasfilm

One of the best aspects of attending a con is the merchandise you can find. Some of it is con-exclusive but much, much more of it is stuff you didn’t even know could be found on the Internet. In that spirit, I roamed the halls of Star Wars Celebration, the gathering place of more geeks than you ever knew existed, to find some of the most interesting and unique merch from a galaxy far, far away.


R2-D2 Star Wars Talking Plush, Underground Toys ($27.99)

This R2-D2 plush is adorable (and it talks!); I saw a lot of people taking a close look at this little guy at Star Wars Celebration. Underground Toys makes many different Star Wars talking plushies, from Chewbacca to the Death Star (nothing says bedtime like the sound of a planet being destroyed, I guess?)


Star Wars Dangle Charms, It’s a Steel Jewelry ($10–$25)

It’s a Steel has an awesome collection of licensed Star Wars jewelry, but I was especially taken by their dangle charms. They’re gorgeous and intricate. I’m especially partial to the (slightly more expensive) BB-8 dangle charm.


Leia Rebellion Shirt, Atomic Age Collectibles ($12.99)

I’m all for the Leia shirts, especially now that the great Carrie Fisher has left us, and this Leia/Rebel logo combo tee was one of the more unique ones I found over the course of the con. It’s a great tribute to our princess, but also a reminder that Leia was the heart of the Rebel Alliance.


Jyn Erso Jacket, Musterbrand ($189.99)

I have a MIGHTY NEED for this jacket. I had to talk myself out of buying one at the con… but the fact I know that they’re online doesn’t help much. I was impressed with the high quality of Musterbrand’s jackets—yes, the price is high, but you can tell they’ll last a long time.


Poe Dameron T-Shirt, Cryssy Chung ($25.00)

This awesome design by Cryssy Chung is available on a t-shirt at We Love Fine (there was also a Finn shirt on display), and I absolutely love it. I got the chance to speak with Chung at Celebration (where she was selling an AMAZING con-exclusive Rogue One print). She told me there was also a Rey shirt available, and sure enough, I found it on We Love Fine’s website.


Star Wars Vacuum Water Bottles, Underground Toys ($20.00)

I’m going to make you all really mad because these absolutely adorable water bottles? I have no clue where to find them online. I’m majorly regretting not buying one now. If you figure out where to find them, can you let me know?


Sith Lady Coat, Musterbrand ($249.99)

I know, back here again? But seriously, I am in love with their entire Star Wars line. This Sith Lady coat is actually a parka, which explains the higher price. You can also get a limited edition version of the jacket for $279.99 which has an inner lining featuring the second Death Star.


Stormtrooper/Darth Vader Bag, Loungefly ($70.00)

This two-sided bag features Darth Vader on one side and a Stormtrooper on the other, so really, it goes with everything. Loungefly makes a full line of amazing Star Wars bags, so if you’re in the mood to buy one, definitely check their stuff out (especially the limited edition Star Wars 40th anniversary backpack)


Space Cape, We Love Fine ($65.00)

Yes, it’s a hooded space cape, which is really everything you’ve ever wanted. It’s currently sold out on We Love Fine’s website, but you might be able to snag one on another site, or you can send the company an email and let them know you’d really like to see this cape back in stock. (Trust me, it looks pretty great in person.)


Star Wars Beanies, SuperHero Stuff ($14.99–$24.99)

It’s not winter anymore but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a beanie. It’s a Star Wars beanie. You always need Star Wars beanies!