Sunday Rec: Wilders by Brenda Cooper


Cover detail from Wilders by Brenda Cooper.

Sunday is my favorite day to read.

Therefore, every Sunday, I will feature a new paperback or ebook that is available for your reading enjoyment. The paperback or ebook featured here will have been published in the previous week and is a book I feel everyone should read.

For today, I chose Wilders by Brenda Cooper. It is just published for the first time.

Why should you read this book? The first thing that captured my attention about Wilders is its beautiful cover. The artwork showcases a major conflict in the book — technology versus nature. But in this instance, people like main character Coryn Williams want to use technology to try and bring back a nature that has been ecologically devastated by humanity. You see both the tech of the city and the flowers of nature. That promise is within the book as well, making it a fast and entertaining read.

Foreword Reviews praises Wilders best: “A captivating eco-thriller…. Wilders blends environmentalism, futurism, and science fiction for an engaging story with important messages about humanity’s relationship with the world around it.”

Here is more about Wilders by Brenda Cooper:


Coryn Williams has grown up in the megacity of Seacouver, where her every need is provided for—except satisfaction with her life. After her parents’ suicides, her sister Lou fled the city to work on a rewilding crew, restoring lands once driven to the brink of ecological disaster by humans to a more natural state. Finally of age, Coryn leaves the city with her companion robot to look for her sister.

But the outside world is not what she expects—it is rougher and more dangerous, and while some people help her, some resent the city and some covet her most precious resource: her companion robot. As Coryn struggles toward her sister, she uncovers a group of people with a sinister agenda that may endanger Seacouver.

When Coryn does find her sister, Lou has secrets she won’t share. Can Coryn and Lou learn to trust each other in order to discover the truth hidden behind the surface and to save both Seacouver and the rewilded lands?

Wilders is excellent science fiction — big ideas mingling with complex characters and conflict between technology and nature. Cooper is a wonderful writer too, which helps. If you are looking for accessible SF, this is the book for you.

A new recommendation next Sunday!

Get to reading!