Terry Brooks Receives World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award


Terry Brooks receives a Lifetime Achievement Award. Photo by Judine Brooks.

For over forty years, Terry Brooks has wielded magic.

He would say it has been a magic born of luck and hard work. When The Sword of Shannara published in 1977, Brooks had no idea how it would be received. He knew nothing about the book publishing industry and only slightly more about the craft of writing. Brooks has said it was luck that brought him to editor Lester del Rey; and it was Lester del Rey who made Brooks work hard.

The combination of the two led to the magic that happened once the debut published. The Sword of Shannara would become a New York Times bestselling title and vaulted Brooks to the head of the commercial fantasy world. It would become the foundation of a new era in fantasy storytelling, one that opened the doors for other fantasy writers and resulted in Brooks writing more than forty books, most of which hit the New York Times bestselling list. Many writers in the genre credit Brooks with not only bringing them into the genre as readers but also giving them a large platform to write within.

For my part, I have had luck and magic too. I became Brooks’s webmaster in 1999 and I’ve been privy to almost two decades of Brooks magic. I’ve seen the impact he has had not only on the industry but on new authors. It is an undeniable impact.

I am proud to know him.

On November 5, 2017, the World Fantasy Convention felt as strongly as many of us do and awarded Terry Brooks with a Lifetime Achievement Award. It was a unanimous vote, we learned afterward. I feel it is well-deserved.

I recorded the event. Here is video of Terry Brooks receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award.

All too often, authors receive these types of awards posthumously. I think it pleased Brooks very much not having to die for this one.

I hope you enjoyed the video!