5 Important Details About Power Word Kill by Mark Lawrence


Mark Lawrence, author of Red Sister and Power Word Kill.

I have been a fan of Mark Lawrence since I read Prince of Thorns.

I enjoyed that book and its two sequels with immensity. They are the kind of stories that hit hard with grim character development and dark twists and turns.

Last week, Amazon Publishing announced that its 47North SF&F imprint had acquired the first three books in a new science fiction series from Lawrence. According to the press release, the series is set in late 1980s London and “is described as grappling with time travel and the ‘many-worlds theory’. It also follows the budding romance of characters Nick and Mia as they strive to save themselves and the people they love from ‘an impending doom that only they can see coming’.”

The first in the series, titled Power Word Kill, will publish in April 2019. It seems the book’s sequels will also publish in 2019. Lawrence said: “I’m excited to explore some new directions with my writing and very much looking forward to working with the team at 47North.”

This is all amazing news. Lawrence is one of those authors who is able to write multiple books a year without a drop off in quality. In fact, it is my opinion his writing has improved with every book he’s published.

When the news announced, Lawrence took to Reddit r/Fantasy to answer some questions. The most important ones are below.

Can’t wait until 2019!


Question: Why are you writing science fiction? Is it because you are bored of fantasy?

Mark Lawrence: Well, fantasy is a very broad church, so hard to get bored of. The main thing is I write faster than I get published and scifi books don’t breach the non-compete clauses in my contracts for my fantasy books.

Q: It sounds like the title is a D&D reference. Can we expect fantasy elements in this one, or is it straight sci-fi?

ML: Well, it’s not laser guns and spaceships sci-fi, but yes, sci-fi rather than fantasy, centering on a D&D group.

Q: Will this interrupt the future publications of Book of the Ancestor (Grey Sister this year, Holy Sister next year)?

ML: That trilogy was finished in mid-2016, so no, all good there.

Q: What made you go with 47North?

ML: They offered the most money + some random guff about how they are a fine outfit. Also: Hey, this way the Amazon algorithms will work for me ?

Q: Does Amazon hold the rights to this in just the US, or will you have a different UK publisher?

ML: They have the worldwide English rights.

The next few years are going to be busy for Mark Lawrence. But his readers are in for a treat with so many books publishing! If you want to read a fantastic Lawrence book right now, I highly recommend picking up Red Sister. It is the first book in a trilogy with nuns, assassins, friends, and an amazing magic system that echoes the powerful work done by Patrick Rothfuss.

Then you can read its sequel Grey Sister, which publishes this April. The third book publishes next year and, hot on its heels, Power Word Kill.

Exciting times for Lawrence readers!

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