Iron Druid Kevin Hearne Finishes His Series With Scourged


Cover detail from Scourged by Kevin Hearne.

Kevin Hearne has wrapped up his nine-book urban fantasy series!

It is a glorious, glorious thing. In a genre where some of our favorite series have not been completed, The Iron Druid Chronicles has been. And it’s a great ending. Fans of urban fantasy should be reading this series and now they can read a story that has been wrapped up in the most brilliant of ways. I can’t wait for people to read Scourged — the end of Iron Druid’s story. More Atticus and Oberon can’t be wrong, right?

And the final book doesn’t pull any punches. Here are a few more details: Unchained from fate, the Norse gods Loki and Hel are ready to unleash Ragnarok, a.k.a. the Apocalypse, upon the earth. They’ve made allies on the darker side of many pantheons, and there’s a globe-spanning battle brewing that ancient Druid Atticus O’Sullivan will be hard-pressed to survive, much less win.

Hearne has answered questions about Scourged as well as the future of his writing. Enjoy!

Unbound Worlds: Scourged, the last Iron Druid Chronicles novel, published yesterdsay. We all love Atticus and Oberon and this is going to be hard for many of us readers. How does it feel to publish the last book in Iron Druid?

Kevin Hearne: It’s pretty exciting really, and I’m fairly certain that the ending is not one folks have predicted. I’ve been setting up a lot of stuff for a long time—not just in the novels, but in the short stories and novellas too—and now we have the payoff. I think stories should have an end and I hope readers enjoy this one.

UW: Atticus finds himself up against Norse Gods Loki and Hel as they try to unleash Ragnarok. You chose one helluva battle royale to tell for this final volume. How much fun was it incorporating such a well known event into your world? Did any problems arise in writing it?

KH: The only problem was making sure everyone got their shot at glory, you know? I had quite a bit to juggle. But apart from that it was a blast. Surtr and Garm and Hel are such fantastic nightmare figures.

UW: Do you think you will return to Atticus’s world at some point, either in novels or in short stories/novellas?

KH: I do. I’ve already started writing another one of Oberon’s Meaty Mysteries, and if all goes well, that will be out by the end of the year. I might do other stories in the world down the road—Owen and the apprentices, for example—but my other projects are currently keeping me busy.

UW: The Dabel Brothers are adapting Hounded into a comic book series. Talk about that process from deal to finished first issue and how exciting has it been seeing Atticus and Oberon come to life in a different medium?

KH: They’re adapting Hounded into ten issues and the first issue will be on sale this month—you can inquire at your comic shop for them. I approve the scripts and the art, keeping in mind that I appreciate some variation from my own vision. That’s because for every panel that might be a little different from my vision there are panels that exceed my vision tremendously. The scenes of the first-century battles, for example, are incredible. Atticus diving to get Laksha’s necklace as a sea otter—that blew me away too. So I’m enjoying this new process of collaborative storytelling and really enjoying what these creative people are bringing to the table.

UW: You are currently working on several different projects. Kill the Farm Boy (co-written with Delilah S. Dawson) publishes this summer from Del Rey Books and I know you are working on the epic fantasy sequel to A Plague of Giants. What has it been like working with Delilah? And how is work going on your other projects?

KH: Working with Delilah is sheer joy because we trade chapters and I know she’s going to make me laugh every time. We follow an outline but the details are vague so I never know how she’s going to get us from point A to point B except that it’s going to be hilarious. Right now we are actually working on the third book in the Tales of Pell called The Princess Beard (we’ve already turned in the second book, No Country For Old Gnomes). If folks would like to learn more about Pell and play around with the Pellish name generator, head over to I’m also working on A Blight of Blackwings, the second volume of the Seven Kennings trilogy, and wrestling with the twelve points of view. I’ve been super grateful for the reception of A Plague of Giants and I don’t want to keep folks waiting too long for the sequel.

Scourged by Keivn Hearne, the final book in the Iron Druid Chronicles, is now available in all fine bookstores!

Let Ragnarok end it all!