Backstory: 2000 Year-Old Tomb Discovered in Alexandria


Photo: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities©

What’s in the box? That’s what archaeologists are asking in Alexandria, Egypt. Last week, local authorities conducting an excavation uncovered a black granite sarcophagus some 16 feet below ground. While ancient graves like these aren’t necessarily uncommon, what makes this particular find important is that it doesn’t seem to have been opened and looted during the 2,000 years of its interment. Depending on the condition of its contents, an undisturbed tomb like this can tell us a lot about life in ancient Alexandria.

Alexandria is a fascinating city. Founded by the legendary conquerer Alexander the Great and later ruled by the Egyptian-Greek dynasty known as the Ptolemies, it was an epicenter for culture and learning for thousands of years. If you’re looking for a deep dive into the fascinating story of the city, its founder, its gods, and its dead, then we’ve got some books you’ll probably love.