About Us

Unbound Worlds is a website dedicated to the literary worlds of science fiction and fantasy. Born as the now-mythical site Suvudu from within the walls of Del Rey Books back in the year 2008, Unbound Worlds has since matured into a sleeker, shinier, more capable descendant of its former self.


Unbound Worlds offers readers insight into books and authors across and between the science fiction and fantasy worlds, including horror, slipstream, pop science, fairy tales and folklore, magical realism, urban fantasy, and anything that’s just a little bit weird. Expect exclusive essays from new authors, interviews with favorite writers, extended book excerpts, insider looks at the science fiction and fantasy industry, and giveaways – as well as our annual Cage Match and our coverage of Comic Con and other events.


Join us here at Unbound Worlds to explore the science fiction and fantasy universe and to discover the authors writing the books that you want to read.


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