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A Long Time Ago: Michael Moreci on Gratitude

Michael Moreci, author of Black Star Renegades as well as a wide range of comics, talks about the gratitude...


A Long Time Ago: Hart Hanson on Star Wars and Cultural Archetypes

Hart Hanson, creator of TV series Bones and author of The Driver, on Star Wars' impact on cultural archetypes,...


A Long Time Ago: Corey J. White on the Mind-Blowing Power of Thrawn

Corey J. White, author of Killing Gravity, writes about discovering Timothy Zahn's original Thrawn trilogy...


A Long Time Ago: Peter Clines on a Familiar Story

Peter Clines shares his story of discovering and being inspired by Star Wars, and realizes just how familiar...


A Long Time Ago: Fran Wilde on Star Wars’ Scope and Scale

Fran Wilde, author of the Bone Universe series, writes about how the sheer scale of Star Wars rewired...


A Long Time Ago: Adam Christopher on Star Wars in the 1980s

Adam Christopher, author of the Ray Electromatic mystery series, writes about his Star Wars-obsession...