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Kiersten White on Making a Monster, Elizabeth Frankenstein, and More

Kiersten White's The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein is a frightfully good retelling of Frankenstein...


R. E. Stearns on Barbary Station, the Economics of Piracy, and AI

In this interview, R. E. Stearn discusses the future of work in outer space, and the philosophical problems...


An Interview with Mark O’Connell, Author of The Close Encounters Man

We had the chance to chat with Mark O'Connell about J. Allen Hynek, the existence of UFOs, and the automatic...


Christopher Paolini On The Official Eragon Coloring Book: Enter to Win!

Christopher Paolini, author of the well-known fantasy fiction novel, Eragon, joins us to talk about his...


Take Five with Peter Clines, Author, ‘The Fold’

Peter Clines is the contributor for this week’s Take Five, a regular series where we ask authors and...

Unbound Worlds

15 Minutes of Fiction…with Fictional Frontiers, featuring Daryl Gregory

Each week on 15 Minutes of Fiction…with Fictional Frontiers, Host Sohaib Awan will highlight the best...