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Unbound Worlds

Whoosh! Earth Narrowly Misses Collision with Asteroid!

Did you wake up feeling especially lucky today? Maybe you should have, because sometime early this (or...

Unbound Worlds

Disaster 5: Carnivorous Robots

Robots that eat for fuel are dubbed "gastrobots" and are becoming a trend in the field...because apparently...


Reminder: Robert Brockway Live Chat on Friday!

He’s been writing each day this week to alert us to potential world-ending scenarios

Unbound Worlds

Disaster 4: Verneshot

The Earth is a gun and your country is a bullet. No, those aren't poorly translated Japanese metal band...

Unbound Worlds

Disaster 3: Green Goo

Green Goo is the idea that the true danger of nanotechnology does not come from some perpetually reproducing...

Unbound Worlds

Disaster 2: Hypercane

Changes in the environment don't always function like a cancer, killing you slowly over a long period...