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Weekend Rec: The War Dogs Trilogy by Greg Bear

The weekend is here! Like many of you, I try to use the weekend to catch up on reading. Therefore, every...

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Check-In Interview: Naomi Novik, Michael J. Sullivan, Greg Bear

What is your favorite author up to right now? In the coming days, I will be updating you with what...

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Interview: Greg Bear Talks WAR!

War Dogs by bestselling science fiction writer Greg Bear is in fine bookstores now! Here is an interview...

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Event Video: Greg Bear Is A WAR DOG

War Dogs by Greg Bear is out now in fine bookstores! And Greg stopped by the University Bookstore...

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This Is The Best Way To Help An Author In Need

Last week, celebrated science fiction writer Greg Bear was rushed into surgery. That's not cheap

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Excerpt: The Fey of Cloudmoor by Terry Brooks

Multiverse edited by Greg Bear & Gardner Dozois is available now! It is a Poul Anderson-inspired anthology...