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Jacqueline Carey Talks Lush Epic Fantasy In Starless

Jacqueline Carey stopped by to talk about identity, exiled gods, and her "exuberant" new standalone fantasy...


Connect's Julian Gough: We're Being Algorithmically Sorted & Controlled

We chatted with Julian Gough about his novel, Minecraft, the future of the surveillance state, biohacking,...


Sarah Kuhn on Expanding the Heroine Complex Universe

Sometimes the end really isn't the end: Heroine Complex author Sarah Kuhn tells us about about her trilogy's...


Horror Novelist Dathan Auerbach is a Very Bad Man

Dathan Auerbach is a Reddit horror sensation turned novelist. Bad Man is the haunting story of a man...


Katherine Arden on Fairy Tales and Being True to Her Characters

Katherine Arden tells us how she finds a creative balance between being faithful to fairy tales and remaining...


An Ember in the Ashes Author Sabaa Tahir: "Someone You Like Will Die"

What can Sabaa Tahir tell us about the end of An Empire in the Ashes? Not much, and what she will is...