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Cage Match 2018 Round 2: Mouse vs The Librarian

Jim Butcher's Mouse takes on Terry Pratchett's Librarian in Round 2 of Unbound Worlds' Cage Match 2018...


Cage Match 2018 Round 1: Harpy vs Mouse

A Harpy from Jason and the Argonauts takes on Jim Butcher's Mouse in Round 1 of Unbound Worlds' Cage...


Dirt Cheap Ebooks: Side Jobs by Jim Butcher

While Jim Butcher works on his newest Dresden Files book, enjoy Side Jobs, his collection of Dresden...


Dirt Cheap Ebooks: Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher

Welcome to another installment of Dirt Cheap Ebooks: a regular feature in which Unbound Worlds highlights...


7 of Urban Fantasy’s Great Occult Detectives

When you’ve got zombies at the door or a demon on your trail, you’d better call an occult detective....


Cage Match 2017 Round 3: Devi vs Harry Dresden

Patrick Rothfuss' Devi takes on Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden in Round 3 of Unbound Worlds' Cage Match...